10 Gadgets and Gear You’ll Need for the Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone knows just how important it is to be prepared for the apocalypse; especially when it’s the catalyst of such a scenario is caused by zombies. When dealing with the undead you need to make sure that your survival gear is top quality or you will be joining their ranks before you can say, “There’s a Zombie on my lawn!”

Ultimate Survival Shotgun

Forget axes and cricket bats, when you need to lose a group of zombies on your tail you need to have some heavy artillery. Shotguns are cool and are guaranteed to knock the block off any zombie who ambles your way. The Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun is easy to use and easy to re-load if you’re staring down a horde of the critters. It comes with a complete survival kit including a bayonet knife attached to the barrel and a box of matches.

8/10 for all round zombie killing ability. The only downside is you can’t ride away into the sunset on it.

The Marauder

Transport is essential when you’re riding around during the end-of-days. Check out the ultimate Zombie gadget vehicle: the Marauder. Driven by zombie killers, the South African government and Richard Hammond, this mini tank will keep you safe from any zombie attack or a small nuclear war. It’s heavy on the petrol though so make sure you stock up.

7/10 for sheer brute force.

Assault Rifle/Chainsaw Combo

No apocalypse experience is complete without the obligatory chainsaw. You can get a customised one that is actually a chainsaw mounted as a bayonet on a rifle. Perfect for sniping zombies and some up-close-and-personal action.

6/10 for this gadget. It looks unwieldy, so if you’re looking at chainsaws then go with a petrol one.

Red Dragon Backpack Propane Vapor Torch Kit

Zombies do not like fire, which means that you have to have a flamethrower as part of your arsenal for the upcoming apocalypse. It’s important that you have practical and readily available gadgets to make it through. This model is advertised as giving years of service and you can even set backfires.

8/10 Great for scorching the undead, but it’s heavy to run with.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

You can make your own survival kit for when you get the news, or you can order a couple for your entire family. There are many different types of zombie survival kit, but the best of them have been manufactured and stocked to the minimum ready.gov standards. It’s the least you can do for your family.

7/10 you need more than a knife to ward off this type of evil.

Zombie All Stars Shoes

Zombie gear is important. You need to make sure you have the right footwear to ensure a quick getaway. Military style boots might work in the movies, but zombies can be fast and you’ve got to be faster. All Stars have stood the test of time and continue to do so when it comes to a race against the zombies. Top Tip: Test your trainers before the apocalypse, you do not want a blister to be the reason you join the zombie ranks.

9/10 They’re always cool.

Bullet Proof Vest

Clothing too is vital. You need lightweight clothing that you can move around easily in. Keeping your chest protected is important though so choose adequate body armour and make sure it’s zombie proof.

7/10 looks great in nightclubs while you wait for the zombies to arrive.

If you are going to use knives and other close quarters gear, make sure every stroke counts. You have to swing it like you’re gutting a fish. The Ninja Machete is attached to your forearm giving you extra strength and power with every swipe.

9/10 Although tangling with a zombie up close is never recommended, this addition will give you the edge.


Escape on the high seas. There has been much written about staying and fighting but conventional zombie wisdom suggests that zombies don’t like water. If you can afford it, then why not choose a boat. Top Tip: It has to be sail power when you’re escaping zombies.
8/10 it’s so much better than hiding out at the Mall


10/10 Well, what’s a zombie apocalypse without Twinkies. The snack of all the best zombie hunters.


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