3-D Gaming? No thanks.

Is it just me, or is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about 3D gaming and having it crammed down our throats?


I’m just voicing my opinion on this matter, but enough already! I get it! You can play games in 3D.  The bigger question is, does it make gaming any more enjoyable than playing a game in standard 2D?  I had the opportunity to demo games in 3D at last year’s PAX conference, and I’m not sure. Yes, it was more engaging, ever so slightly, but more none the less. Is it a make it or break it experience? To me, it wasn’t. It was cool to play for a few minutes. The games I played did well in  3D, but there are a lot of gremlins I can foresee coming up in the near future. Firstly, the cost will be higher. Not every gamer has pockets deep enough to shell out for a 3D capable television, nor the approximately $100 a pair for good 3D glasses. Glasses that I suspect after an 8 hour gaming marathon, would cause at least mild discomfort and possibly nausea. Secondly, who the hell wants to wear those stupid glasses when you’re gaming anyway? Weight and bulkiness are not your friend when dangling on the bridge of your nose. And let’s not forget that your peripheral vision is skewed when wearing them. It could result in some very frustrating death/redo happenings, especially in fast paced first person shooters. What’s that you say? Nintendo solved this problem with the 3DS?  All reviews of the 3DS are fairly standard. Interesting piece of kit, but a shallow experience altogether. The screen has to be just right for the 3D to work, it destroys battery life to use it. So, even if you love it, you better buy stock in Duracell. And, don’t even get me started on the garbage games they are trying to pedal. Yes, I know that there are some serious games in the works, but count on 3D Cooking Mama, not a real FPS or something cool like that. Besides, Nintendo kind of blew it with such a tiny screen. Squinting may be the gaming face of the future! Also, the secondary screen is smaller than the primary!  You have a bigger game screen on your iPhone and better graphics to boot!  I’ll stop railing on Nintendo, for now. Sorry, I just hate a company that doesn’t support third party developer’s talent and just rehashes 25 year old ip’s to cash in on nostalgia gaming. So, for now, consider me firmly on the “no” side of 3D gaming. Even though some of my favorite games are 3D capable (Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5 to name a couple), I won’t be rushing out to buy a hot new 3D tv and glasses to get the extra dimension. Am I alone on this one?


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