5th Edition adventures come to Adventureaweek.com

aaw-5ec-logo_dragon_spec01_with_dropshadowAAW Games has just announced compatibility of their website Adventureaweek.com with 5th Edition.

Jonathan G. Nelson, owner and publisher at AAW Games spoke with us about the move to 5th Edition.


Q: What is Adventureaweek.com?

A: Adventureaweek.com provides monthly subscribers with a steady stream of 5th Edition and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible adventures in WEB and PDF formats. A $10 monthly subscription grants access to our entire back catalog which numbers well over 120 Pathfinder RPG adventures (with new 5th Edition modules being added weekly) in both WEB (html) and PDF formats.


Q: What made you switch to 5th Edition?

A: We aren’t switching to 5th Edition so much as changing gears a bit. Our website originally offered all adventures in both D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder then slowly moved to a single system producing adventures solely compatible with the Pathfinder RPG. Now that we’ve had time to properly sink our teeth into 5th Edition (both professionally and at our own game tables) we’ve begun to convert our catalog over in order to show 5e fans a little love.


Q: How long did it take you to get your entire catalog converted over to 5th Edition?

A: We’re still working on conversions, it’s not something that is as easy as it sounds. A lot of work goes into making sure the balance is just right, if some encounters are unbalanced it could mean an unintended TPK so our conversion experts take everything into consideration when converting the original manuscripts from Pathfinder over to 5E.


Q: What kind of work goes into converting an adventure from Pathfinder to 5E?

A: The PF to 5E conversion process itself is complicated especially considering the delicate nature of the game system we’re using. Getting into specifics would keep us here all day but I would be happy to elaborate on this in the future. After the Pathfinder to 5E conversion is done we go back to the drawing board for an editing pass just to make sure the changes and additions don’t have any errors. After this has been completed we move into layout. You would think layout would be a brief affair simply replacing the PF sections with the new 5th Edition content but sadly that is not the case, most of the time we have to start from scratch and completely rebuild the layout from the ground up using InDesign. Once complete we produce files for PDF and print (print for 5E will be available on DriveThruRPG.com) those documents are also passed onto our Fantasy Grounds conversion experts who begin builds the virtual tabletop version of the adventure. Whew! It’s a lot of work managing all these aspects.


Q: What does the change mean to your existing subscribers who play strictly the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game?

A: Nothing will change for our original subscribers. They will actually have optional access to the 5E downloads should they choose to snag them. We will still be producing new adventures and those will built for both the Pathfinder RPG and 5E. Since the conversion team works separately and independently from those working on the adventures there shouldn’t be any delays getting adventures released.


Q: Thank you for sitting down with us today Jonathan.

A: You’re welcome. Happy Gaming!


The following adventures are available for purchase in the Adventureaweek.com Shop or you may download them for free if you Subscribe to their site:

A total of seven PDF adventures are currently available for 5E:
A00: Crow’s Rest Island
A01: Crypt of the Sun Lord
A02: Devil of Dark Wood
A03: Champion’s Rest
A04: Forest for the Trees
A05: Winterflower
Shattered Heart AP #1: The Ties that Bind

A total of four Fantasy Grounds modules are currently available for 5E:
A00: Crow’s Rest Island (Fantasy Grounds)
A01: Crypt of the Sun Lord (Fantasy Grounds)
A02: Devil of Dark Wood (Fantasy Grounds)
B20: For Rent, Lease, or Conquest (Fantasy Grounds)

Learn more at Adventureaweek.com


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