AAW Games launches Vikings themed Pathfinder Kickstarter

AAW Games has just launched a viking themed Kickstarter for a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure. The History Channel will soon be wrapping up their 3rd season of the hit TV show Vikings and Norse fever has never been higher! This Kickstarter looks sure to deliver everything you could want in an adventure steeped in Norse mythology from Viking longboats to the dreaded Jotunn, and a ghostly jarl. Check it out below and if you’re as obsessed with Vikings as me–back it!
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Pathfinder RPG Adventure for 4-6 Level 10 Characters Written by Justin Andrew Mason, staff writer for the ENnie Award winning Adventureaweek.com Blog. Having authored over a hundred articles and a dozen adventures for the AAW Blog, Justin Andrew Mason is now tackling a super-sized adventure module inspired by the viking sagas and ancient Norse mythology.

The arrival of the celestial event known as the Ohjaslange heralds the return of the dreaded Jǫtunn (ice giants) to the lands of Vikmordere. The valley is engulfed by an unnatural blizzard and unending frigid gale of the likes which none living have ever seen. A dark and evil curse has reawakened, after dormant centuries, to cloak the sun and bury the land beneath frost and snow.

Directed by ancient Vikmordere legend, warriors and shieldmaidens from the many clans have gathered in the village of Völsfiheimr on the shores of Serpent Lake to prepare for the upcoming battle. At stake is the very future of their people. As a horde of undying skeletal ice giants begin a long march down from a ruined mountaintop fortress, Vikmordere warriors in the valley resolve their mettle by singing lore of heroic bravery and ancient battles.

Wintery war is looming, and many echo the charge of ancient omens — the time has come to seek out the lost artifacts of the legendary Jarl Vornig – for it was he who last quelled the ice giant uprising, felling the great ice giant king whilst wielding a divine sword and magic aegis. If these powerful artifacts cannot be rediscovered, and the power therein harnessed, the Vikmordere warriors stand little chance against the onslaught of the evil Jǫtunn.

Despite the gathering of great warriors, the Ancestor Spirit seems to have other plans to secure the safety of the Vikmordere people… A group of outsiders has arrived at the Great Hall of Völsfing upon the eve of battle. The strangers have been guided through the blinding blizzard by a mysterious fire-wreathed ember owl, and are unwittingly about to become epic heroes in a new saga.

The Vikmordere are wary of their new guests, yet submit to the will of their ancestors and acknowledge the omen of adventurer’s arrival. The barbarian clans place their hopes into the hands of these enigmatic visitors who must now prepare to venture out into the wintery gale in search of the ancient Jarl’s artifacts.

Into the Wintery Gale is a super-sized adventure, and the book will have around 64 pages (likely expanding to 100+ pages depending on how many stretch goals are unlocked) with multiple simultaneous subplots to provide a wide sandbox for player characters to explore.

As an adventure that encompasses traversing across the terrain of the Vikmordere Valley during a blinding blizzard, sailing across the icy crag-laden Serpent Lake, and scaling the frozen mountain peaks of Ighdenholm, the book includes multiple dungeons to explore, several landmarks to discover, ancient puzzles and riddles, dozens of new monsters, magic items, and artifacts (and the devious traps securing them), an expanded random encounter selection, and a cast of non-player characters ranging from the proud Vikmordere people and their leaders to ancient godlike immortals and the ghost of an ancient warlord jarl.

In addition to an exciting multi-layered adventure, the book also contains in depth sections detailing the viking-themed culture of the Vikmoredere people. Everything from history, lore, tradition and mythology to social structure, clothing, tools, and food preparation are covered in enough detail to bring the barbarian clans to a vivid realism during the adventure.

  • Complete stat blocks for more than a dozen new monsters designed specifically for the wintery gale and a slew of Jǫtunn ice giants (including berserkers, ice-weavers, whiteworm riders, and the Jǫtunn king himself).
  • Special rules for traversing the wintery white, through the unending blizzard, and sailing across the frigid Serpent Lake, and an assortment of tools (both magical and mundane) to assist the adventurers in their expansive exploration of the Vikmordere Valley.
  • New spells and feats uniquely honed by the harsh environs of the wintery deep freeze and warrior clans of the Vikmordere.
  • A plethora of new magic items including powerful artifacts such as the hero’s receptacle, the divine sword known as Vilfberht, and the magical aegis called Skjold Rustning.
  • Detailed statistics for godlike immortal beings steeped in ancient Vikmordere mythology; these beings come alive to interact with the adventurers and intervene at key points in the heroes’ epic quest. – in Vikmordere the gods laugh, fight, and bleed just as mortals do.
  • Four separate mapped dungeons to explore including the Vault of Skjold Rustning, the Vault of Vilfberht, The Jǫtunn Pass Outpost, and the Ruined Stronghold of Ighdenholm.

Click here to check out the “Into the Wintery Gale” Kickstarter!

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