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Oh baby, that new plastic smell that can’t be good for you, yet you can’t get enough of it. After six months of my laptop being in the ICU on life support, I decided this laptop would be in a vegetative state for the rest of it’s life. No more sitting around having to precariously hold the power cord at just the right angle to keep the holy pixels lit up, it was finally time to put it to sleep and move on.

As with any new electronic gadget or gizmo, I am always reserved on going out and purchasing something quickly. I like to sit back on the couch with my laptop and do some comparison shopping and read some reviews. But for this purchase it would be very difficult because as much as I would like to sit back on the couch and put my feet up, I find it incredibly uncomfortable with a large desktop tower crushing my lap, and my baby bjorn just doesn’t provide the proper support for a 20” LCD monitor. So I went back upstairs to the desktop to sit down and do some real homework on which laptop is right for me.

Dollar symbols begin to fly through my head as I think of all the important things my laptop must have. Before I even jump online I start to feel reservations, should I even look at laptops right now? Is this something I can afford? You will find that as you start your own personal search for the right laptop for you, that there is no need to fear sticker shock, laptops are now affordable and offer all the great features you are looking for, for the price you are looking for.

I narrowed my search down to the following three systems. Lets take a look at some laptops that I think many will gravitate toward.

Sony – VAIO Laptop / Intel® Core™ i3 Processor / 15.5″ Display / 4GB Memory / 320GB Hard Drive – Gunmetal Black

The Sony badge puts your mind at ease. This is one company that consistently tops consumer lists as the best laptop brand on the market.


It’s a Sony

Media gallery with the ability to change songs by literally a flick of the wrist.


remote play on PS3

electrostatic touchpad


You pay a little more for the name

Smaller hard drive

sound system lacking volume

No Blu-ray

Gateway – Laptop / Intel® Core™ i3 Processor / 15.6″ Display / 4GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive – Espresso

Parent company Acer has kept this brand around, likely for the reason that Gateway is a well known brand and it takes time to build a well known and well respected company. Gateway computers provide the brand name, Acer provides the affordability.


large hard drive



no electrostatic touchpad

keyboard buttons are not as sensitive/responsive as they should be

middle of the pack brand makes you question long term reliability

HP – Pavilion Laptop / AMD Turion™ II Processor / 17.3″ Display / 4GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive – Black

Everyone seems to know someone who has an HP laptop, and it always seems like they have something negative to say. Customers who have purchased laptops from HP seem to find the overall product to be what they are searching for, but the companies reputation continues to take hits for its lack of customer service and tech support.


Large screen

Large hard drive



weight (7.7 lbs)

poor ventilation leads to many owners reporting overheating issues

customer service and technical support still lacking

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