Inside an Ant Colony

Have you ever dreamed of shrinking yourself so you could go inside an ant colony and see exactly what they do in there?  You may have owned an ant farm when you were a kid, but do ants really behave how they would normally within a clear plastic sheath only about 1 inch by 1 inch?  Doubtfully.  Playing with ants isn’t just for kids as Florida State University professor Walter Tschinkel shows us in just a moment.  Tschinkel replicates the form of ant colonies by pouring molten aluminum into the tunnels, letting the metal harden, and then meticulously excavating the result.

The result is marvelous!  Imagine being able to extract each and every miniature cavern the ants have created and hold it aloft like a giant chandelier.  Nature’s beauty at it’s finest I tell you. What’s really amazing to me is how deep some of these storage tunnels are, we’re talking up to 10 feet below ground!  Different sizes of ants make different sizes and types of tunnels and obviously food storage is a huge priority.

Watch how Professor Tschinkel makes a cast from an ant colony on this Youtube video.  Make sure you share this with your friends and family as it’s not everyday you get the treat of viewing an entire ant colony’s home.


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