Anticipating the Tomb Raider’s arrival.

Of course, Mass Effect 3 isn’t the only game that’s scheduled for release in 2012 and I feel it’s time to look at another one of the titles that I’ve been flexing my fingers for.

On the 6th of December 2010 Square Enix announced that they will be releasing a new title in the popular Tomb Raider franchise. Apparently, they had been working on this title since 2008 with developers Crystal Dynamics. It looks promising.

This story takes us back to the time that Lara has just turned 21. If you’ve followed the original story lines, you’ll remember that this was the age the original game (or rather – let me say first game) had pin marked for Lara’s transformation from high born aristocrat to high flying adventurer. Following the movies and the release of Tomb Raider: Legend, this history changed somewhat though the essence of the story has remained the same:

The Lady Lara Croft had at some point or another in her life endeared a tremendous amount of emotional and physical hardship to shape her into the adventurer and tomb raider that she was to become.

The slogan of the new game, ‘a survivor is born,’ says it all.

And the ice pick says quite a lot as well...

This one was going to be about survival.

There have been a lot of mixed reports about the ‘revamped’ Tomb Raider titles that surfaced when Crystal Dynamics took over development. For some of the diehard fans of the series, the leap and change of history was a bit hard to accept and I remember reading countless of reviews where people would say they didn’t like the games anymore and were done with the series.

I wasn’t one of them.

I too have played all of the games religiously, eagerly awaiting the release of any new titles. Lara Croft was my childhood hero, the first true ‘action heroine’ that the gaming world presented to us (that I knew of at the age of 12 anyway). I don’t think I will ever forget that sense of wonderment that I felt when I realized that this adventurer portrayed with guns and a kick ass attitude was a woman.

Err... Yes. Definitively a woman.


The titles that followed the first release were both good and bad, but they set a standard of enjoyment in my childhood mind that very few games surpassed. And – as I evolved as a person, as dimensions were added to my character and experiences to my memory – so it happened for Lara as well and it’s been a pleasure to see.

The first game play of the game was released at the E3 expo inLos Angelesin June of last year. Everything looked awesome though admittedly, some of the audio made me cringe a little (I hope that the designers took people’s comments of Lara’s pained moaning sounding like a porn film to heart…).

Then, this week it was announced that the game as entered its Alpha stage and that it is still on track for its release on during the third quarter of this year (Spring for us Southern Hemisphere dwellers and Fall for the rest).

It will be released to PS3, Xbox and PC.

Source: EL33TOnline

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