Artemis: Space Bridge Multiplayer Simulator


Behold. The not so exciting real life demo ( link!) of ARTEMIS, a cooperative multiplayer game in which you and a handful of friends defend a pocket of the galaxy against invading aliens (the video is admittedly bland, about as exciting as watching some dungeon crawlers sit around and roll dice.) Yes, that is one of the most used and re-used plots of a science fiction game/story/movie/show that we’ve all seen mastered and/or foibled many times over, so why should you care?

Artemis is a bridge simulation game in a literal sense. You have up to five “classes” that each player assumes: Engineering, Helmsman, Communications, Weapons, and the stiflingly vague Science. Each player has their own laptop or interface that they and they alone control and monitor, and in addition to each role you have a leader player who assumes the position of Captain. The game is less about obliterating invading aliens, and more about real time communication, cooperative team work, and doing what the fuck you’re told when the captain says so. If you lose the game and are shot down in space by antagonistic foes, it is likely because Joey the Weapons Officer was in the kitchen grabbing beers when he should have been attentively manning the damn torpedoes.

I haven’t played this game, only read about it so far, but it strikes me with great interest because what I see is not so much a feat of technology but a great device for new experiences with friends. Just like table top D&D, when boiled down to its root essence, is just a bunch of dudes sitting around a table talking, so is ARTEMIS a vessel for new ways to craft a collective experience with your close bros.

Has anyone played it? Is it worth the asking price of $60 for the full version?

Currently for Windows/PC only but the FAQ claims the iPhone is being “looked into.”


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