Assassins Creed: Four Games Later and Still Killing

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is the newest installment to the Assassin’s Creed universe. I watched an in depth reveal of game-play and story at PAX and walked away from it ready to stab people. I admit to being initially skeptical. Was this going to be Assassin’s Creed 2B? What can they do to make me want to slip my hooded cloak on again? Well, the answers surprised and excited me. The game-play demo showed so many cool things that this game is now firmly on my “must buy” list.

The story is the continuation of Ezio and Altaire, with a sprinkling of Desmond to boot. According to the Ubisoft developers, this will tie up the loose ends of Ezio and Altaire and conclude their particular stories. But, fear not! Desmond will still be around to stab his way through at least one more game. Revelations takes place in Constantinople circa 1511 during the Ottoman Empire. Ezio has travelled to Constantinople to retrieve an ancient artifact. This artifact is rumored to be so powerful that it could end the war between the Assassins and Templars. Altair has, apparently, hidden this artifact deep inside an Assassin stronghold. To learn of its location, Ezio must find artifacts that were left behind by Altair in order to “share” his memories, thus teaching him the secret locations.

This older Ezio is very different than he was in the previous games. He’s older, wiser, and more bad ass. Ezio has new weapons in his arsenal this time. The inclusion of the “hook blade” will certainly add some new combat and travel options. The landscape of Constantinople is fairly sloped, so you will be using the hook blade to slide from place to place. As well as being able to drop down on top of unsuspecting prey, just before they feel your blade pierce their rib cage. You can also use the hook blade to grab enemies’ bodies during multiple attacker combat. You can pull one attacker in front of the other and he’ll get hacked up by his fellow guard! The demo I watched showed Ezio flipping over a guard while hooking his neck to kill him instantly. It was awesome.

The older and wiser Ezio has also learned how to make multiple types of bombs. You can make smoke bombs, shrapnel bombs, trip mines, and straight explosives. You can pop some smoke to sneak past guards, or use the smoke as cover to covertly slice and dice your way through them. The Eagle Vision mechanic has also been upgraded to what is being called Eagle Sense. With Eagle Sense you can now see through walls and smoke.  You can even see traces of a target, or a person of interest, who has previously been in a particular place.

With an epic location, expanded game-play, and a basis in real historical events sprinkled in, Assassins Creed: Revelations is shaping up to be the perfect final chapter for two of our favorite Assassins. Look for it on November 15, and don’t forget to get your cloak cleaned and pressed by then.


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