AT&T text message from 11113020 is legit


AT&T text message from 11113020 is legit! I repeat, AT&T text message from 11113020 is NOT a scam! If you have AT&T and would like 1000 free rollover minutes simply text “YES” to 11113020.

This may sound crazy and like some kind of scam, but I- Jonathan Nerdtrek have tried it for myself. Not only that, but I spoke with someone at AT&T directly to confirm since I was VERY skeptical. In fact, I refused to respond for 1 week until I had heard back from a specific person at AT&T to make sure it was all kosher. So, if you have an AT&T cell phone go ahead and try it out- text “YES” without the quotations to 11113020 and you will receive a text back from them confirming that they have received your request and that your account will be credited with 1000 free rollover minutes within 4 weeks!

Enjoy your free minutes!  🙂

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