Batman gets schooled… twice.

In just a few days Batman made two public appearances both of which ended up great embarrassments to the Caped Crusader and his fellow members of the Justice League.


In the small resort town of Petoskey, Michigan this week Batman dangled from a 30 foot tall building before being nabbed by police and arrested!  It turns out this wasn’t Batman at all, or Bruce Wayne- it was imposter Mark Wayne Williams.  Police received a phone call early Wednesday morning stating that Williams, 31, was on the roof of a building in the center of town.  When officers arrived on the scene Williams was dangling over the side of the building.  After being arrested several items were confiscated from Williams including a utility belt, telescoping steel baton, lead lined gloves, and a can of chemical irritant spray.

Williams was arrested at the scene and later charged with several counts of carrying concealed weapons, one count of carrying a gas-ejecting weapon and another count of creating a disturbance, Reuters News reported.

“I realize this is a serious offense. I honestly had no idea the items I was holding are illegal, I did not intend to harm anyone with these items. I swear that.”

-Williams in court during his arraignment

According to the public safety chief of Petoskey, authorities have had previous encounters with “Batman”.  The police also admitted to having trouble pronouncing the town’s name.



On the Vegas Strip Batman attempted to arrest a civilian wrong-doer without his expensive high-tech gadgets and paid dearly for it.  Here’s video footage of the scene as it happened, and folks- this doesn’t look good for the Dark Knight.

It just so happens that I wore my Batman shirt today although I’m starting to think that might be a bad thing given that it’s Friday the 13th!  😛


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