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Twilight Sparkle eez best pony!



I’m sure you’re thinking by now that this guy is off his rocker, insane in the membrane! But let me be perfectly clear, Equestria is real and the ponies that live there are my very best friends!


No, I’m not that far off the deep end…yet. But I will take you back to January when it started for me. Like any good internet dweller and general geek, I would peruse its reams of effective intellectual discourse. Short story even shorter, ponies were the flavor of the month. That’s when something amazing happened! And now I can talk to animals.


Well, not really. The animals talk to me at least, but just the ponies and one dragon. Nevermind, it doesn’t matter. What matters: Twilight Sparkle, her secret drinking problem, and what it means to me.



Every brony has a ‘moment’ that’s discussed ad-naseum on our various meet up sites, imageboards, and blogs. The ‘moment’ is when the ironclad walls of cynicism you’ve built up over the years gets pierced with a unicorn horn. You realize you’re watching animated ponies prance around like living marshmallows and you’re enjoying every Luna-loving second of it. Mine was right after Twilight Sparkle met the other members of the mane cast (Pun intended).


She returns to the town library, which is her temporary accommodation for the duration of her visit to Ponyville. Yes, enough with the cynicism, Ponyville is the actual name of the town. Upon arrival, Twilight Sparkle and Spike, her baby dragon companion, find a surprise party thrown in their honor. My mouth agape and eyebrow raised, I was just about on my last straw of patience for this girly toy ad. Then, as if channeling my own ennui, Twilight simply stares with passive ambivalence and pours a stiff drink.



I admit, I laughed. Hard. She wasn’t socially awkward, she wasn’t angry, she just didn’t bucking care. Solution? Hit the sauce.


As I went on watching the show (all 12 existing episodes at the time) back to back in one day, something really important happened; I started to actually care about the characters. All good stories have one thing in common, love ‘em or hate ‘em, you understand and care about the characters.


As I progressed through the series, it became apparent who Twilight was, she was me. Oh, it wasn’t intentional… At least I don’t think it was, but she embodied my frustration at kids’ shows and television in general. TV treated me like an idiot growing up, acting under the assumption that as a 7-year-old boy I couldn’t read, or tell the different between an elephant and a giraffe. Twilight Sparkle isn’t a 4th wall breaking character — another pony owns that distinction — but she exhibits an unparalleled awareness that the writers have bestowed upon her.



This is a show made for kids who aren’t stupid. Made for kids that can tell when adults are feeding them a line of bull. More to the point, it appealed to adults who didn’t want shows that pandered to lifestyles solely created by marketing campaigns. It appealed to me because Twilight Sparkle was too smart for her own good, too self-righteous to make friends, and easily frustrated by how dumb the world could be sometimes.


Within the context of the show, Twilight is a once in a generation unicorn. Unicorns are the only ponies that can use magic and her acumen is put on display early and often as being far superior to any other unicorn in the show. She was raised in the capital city of Canterlot and was the personal student of the land’s ruler, Princess Celestia. A studious bookworm, she displays most of the characteristics one would expect from a reclusive, cynical know-it-all. In the first episode Twilight Sparkle reads about a mare that was up to no good (plotting to bring eternal darkness to the neighborhood). Twilight informed Princess Celestia of the impending doom but instead of solving the situation, the Princess basically told her to forget about it, move to Ponyville, and learn about friendship.


To the tune of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme:

[But when she read about a mare, she was up to no good: plottin’ to bring eternal darkness to the neighborhood. She mentioned to the Princess and she got all ill, she told her, “Pack your books and get your butt to Ponyville.”]



Anything more would be a spoiler, and this article is supposed to motivate you to watch this fantastic show, so I won’t ruin any of the stories! With the second season premiering September 17th, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I bet you don’t even know what your cutie mark would be yet!

What’s that? You don’t know what a cutie mark is?! Well shoot, pony! What are you doing reading this? Go watch the show, now!


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