Little Big Planet 2

Little Big Planet 2

Sackboy’s new adventure in Playstation land is another genre bending, cute overloaded, creative masterpiece from Media Molecule. Level design is outstanding and pushes creativity to not often seen heights. But, don’t be fooled by the cavity inducing cuteness of the characters. Underneath it all, lies a challenging and ultimately fun, side-scrolling platformer. I’m sure some of you out there would not consider LBP2 a “hardcore” game and in that assumption you are wrong! I’ve spent more than my fair share of time with it and can tell you that this game will surely test your platformer AND puzzle solving skills throughout the entire game.

A new feature to the game is an actual storyline. Sackboys (and if you choose online or local cohorts) are charged with returning order to craftworld which is under attack by the “Negativitron”.  You are recruited into the “Alliance” by a character called Larry DaVinci to defeat the “Negativitron” before it destroys all of craftworld. Characters actually speak occasionally in the new game instead of always mumbling with word bubbles for you to read. It’s not necessary, but nice to hear actual voices every now and again.

As I said earlier, the game will test your skills, but the real bread and butter of LBP2 is the user generated content. The former game boasted literally tens of thousands of user generated levels and LBP2 will surely eclipse that as the creators have not only given more tools for users to create with, but also made the tools more powerful. The ability to create, share, and play is the very foundation that started this franchise, and it has been taken to a new world with LBP2. As if you needed more reasons to buy and play this incredible game, all the levels from LBP1 are accessible via the Playstation network including prior user generated content. So what are you waiting for?  Gamers are always pining for something new and unique. This is it!  Get out there and start creating! Who knows, pretty soon you may be creating sought after content to expand this ever growing universe.

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