Bill’s Log: Skyrim Day 1

9pm on November 10 could not come early enough! I was set up with a gaming online site and could start playing at midnight eastern time.  I am so glad that I live on the west coast.  I have been waiting just like everyone else, but now my precious was here.


 The introduction to the game: you are a criminal being transported to be executed.  While you are traveling in this horse cart, you are taught how to use the different controls in order to move.  You are then lined up and called out.  Since you have not made your character yet you define what your character is and how it should look.  The detail that you can put into you character is unbelievable including scars, face paint, and a long list of the entire available characters in the game you can choose to be.  I chose to be a simple Nord and loved that I could make him a her and back again.

My character is set then I am called out as someone who is against the Imperial Army and to be killed.  The first person to die in the line mans up and puts his head down without any force and they lop his head off.  Wow!  Did I just see that? A head chopped off?  This is when the ground starts to rumble.

We see our first dragon!  You are saved by one of the head guardsman that does not think you should die.  He helps you to escape through the battle with the dragon and go underground.  Getting used to the controls again was not as bad as I thought.

I follow the guy to a town in SkyRim to start my first task.  Just as I leave town without having gone into any of the houses or bars there I run into some thieves and they kill me. FUCK!  I had to go all the way back to the exit of the tunnel into the entrance of SkyRim.  It had already taken me an hour to get to this point!  So I learned real quick you can save at any time at any point in the game in the setting menu.  This is different than previous installments of the Elder Scrolls.

Now I start to play with the weapons and see that I really like casting magic and one-handed sword!  Burn, Babe, Burn!  Then the kills have a final deathblow that is in slow motion, way cool!  That was enough and more for the next day.  My first mission that I choose to partake in will be in Day 2 Log.

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