World’s first bionic hand – move over Luke Skywalker

Move over Luke Skywalker, you might be the only Jedi with a robotic hand, but you’re not the only human.  Meet Patrick who in this video demonstrates his newly installed robotic hand, the world’s first!  This isn’t the world’s first cyborg though, in fact the first was Professor Kevin Warwick over 13 years ago.  After you watch this video read this article at Gizmodo about the world’s first cyborg who had a RFID chip installed so he could turn the lights on and off by snapping his fingers.

Patrick (shown in the video below) lost the use of his hand when he was electrocuted at work.  He requested that his useless hand be amputated in order to install this new technology.  Watch Patrick open a bottle and tie his shoes with the use of this extraordinary technology!

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