Black Ops 2: Can We Trust Treyarch?

Anyone that knows me, knows I love FPS games. Not the campaign mind you, but the online multiplayer. Yes Modern Warfare did actually have a great single player campaign, but great single player campaigns and the COD franchise aren’t exactly hand in hand. So why is there such emphasis on the single player campaign from Treyarch? Rumor circulating about it claims that certain missions will be one shot deals where dieing will actually affect the storyline. A page obviously swiped from the Heavy Rain playbook. But does anyone care? Never mind the massive plot holes, like characters that died in Black Ops mysteriously being alive. Or the juxtaposition of flipping from normal combat in the 70’s and 80’s to futuristic combat in 2025 using drones and unmanned vehicles.

What really moves these games IS the online multiplayer and in that regard I’m worried. To me, Treyarch ruined COD with their interpretation of multiplayer. It was too slow and the map layout wasn’t that good. One of the things I did like however was being able to buy the upgrades I wanted for my guns rather than having to wait and level guns up. Of course zombies will be included, which was fun a few times, but got old quickly. So far that’s all the info I have. Hopefully it will be better than Treyarchs last installment.

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