Bleeding Hollow for Pathfinder RPG

I recently had the time to check out TPK Games’ latest project, and thought I would share this with you all.  They are writing a survival horror adventure entitled ‘The Bleeding Hollow’, that appears to be a nod to the old-school adventure gaming of days past.  Not only is it purported to be a vicious adventure designed like many of the original D&D modules of yore, but Frank Mentzer himself is writing the introduction.

For those of you who don’t know who Frank Mentzer is, he is most notably the co-author for one of the most famed and beloved of all D&D adventures – ‘The Temple of Elemental Evil.’  He and Gary Gygax wrote that back in 1985, and it still resonates with gamers today because of its free-form plot and is one of the originators of the “sandbox” style of adventure play.

TPK, who are known for their bloodthirsty and challenging adventures, are trying their hand at what is labeled as a survival-horror sandbox style mega-adventure for the Pathfinder RPG.  Survival-horror is a genre of films popular today, like Resident Evil or 28 Days.  You have heroes seeking not entirely to defeat the antagonists, but sometimes just survive until the climax of the movie – or in this case, the adventure.  Typically, this also involves hordes of rampaging monsters, which is always fun.  Right?

So is TPK being pretentious or are they doing something right?  If you visit their current Kickstarter campaign, you will see that they are currently at over 400% on their funding.  They have also upped their stretch goals due to the fact that they blew through their existing ones.  Now it looks like they are working on giving out custom minis from the adventure for backers, not too shabby…

What do I think?  TPK has been gaining a lot of traction in the third party market lately.  They have been tight lipped about the details within the adventure, but the artwork is definitely hearkening back to the old-school days, with a touch of horror.  It definitely sounds fun, and something to keep your eyes on!

Check out the Bleeding Hollow Kickstarter here!

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