How to build a $5 iPad stand

Are you sick of digging through those cheap made in China iPad stands at Target and Ross? Too cheap to shell out $40 plus tax for a single stand that holds your iPad? You’re not alone, I find the prices on apple accessories with an extremely high mark up just because it’s apple. I want my iPad to stand up when I’m watching movies, how can I make this happen for $5?

First of all go to the hardware store and make sure you have these supplies:
– Saw
– Drill
– Large diameter drill bit (19 mm preferred)
– Sandpaper
– A piece of solid wood 130 x 80 x 24 mm

1. Drill a 10mm deep hole in the block. This creates a hole so you can access the iPad’s home button.  Find the middle of the short side and mark it 17mm to the inside. Drill a hole, about 10mm deep.

2. Make two 27 degree cuts (with a handsaw or preferably a table saw)
On the side of the block where you cut the 10mm hole, on the short side measure off 17mm and 30mm. This is where you make cuts at 27 degrees, this is where your iPad will go. Make it 15mm deep and clean it out after.

3. Use Sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges on the wood. You don’t want it to scratch your iPad. Once it’s completely sanded down blow away any excess sawdust and try it out!

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