How to change the default username and password on your iPhone

If I wanted to hack into your jailbroken or unlocked iPhone I could do so in under 2 seconds. All I have to do is use SSH to attempt to access your phone and enter the username: root and the password: alpine. All iOS devices by default have the same username and password, and once jailbroken can easily be accessed. Not only that, but using a program to crack open your entire vault of stored passwords is yet another simple task for any novice hacker.

Want to protect yourself? If your phone is unlocked you should have Cydia.
#1 – Open Cydia
#2 – Get and install TERMINAL
#3 – Open TERMINAL
#4 – You should see iPhoneName: ~ Mobile$
#5 – At that prompt type: passwd
#6 – You will be prompted for old password, enter it: alpine
#7 – You will then be prompted for your new password – MAKE SURE it is something you will remember but yet is long and contains numbers and characters.  Example: NerdTrekLover447788$!
#8 – You will be prompted to re-enter this new password
#9 – Nothing will say it has changed but it will bring you back to the main prompt, at this point you may move on to change the username if so desired.  Changing the username will make it 100x as hard for the hacker to get in because then they have 2 doors to break down instead of just 1.
#10 – Type this: login root
#11 – You will be prompted for your current password which may still be “alpine” if you haven’t rebooted your phone.
#12 – Enter your new desired username twice and you should be good to go!
#13 – Reboot your phone but make sure you have the new info written down somewhere safe, if you lose it you won’t be able to SSH into your own phone which is something HIGHLY useful which you may use down the road if you’re into jailbreaking and exploring the full potential of your mobile device.

Enjoy the comfort of mind knowing your phone is secure.

Do you have any special programs or procedures you use to safeguard your iOS device?  Comment below!

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