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There’s a new web-series about a team of superheroes, but The Collectibles isn’t your run of the mill superhero show.  These heroes live in a somewhat realistic world where astronomical rates for liability insurance have driven super-humans to seek funding from corporate sponsorships.  The show is filmed in documentary style so the characters are aware of, and interact with, the cameras.  It’s like The Office if the main characters had superpowers and were saving the world instead of selling paper.

We won’t be seeing any action sequences though.  This web-series focuses on the group of characters, their daily grind, and the frustrations of the world they live in.  We get a behind the scenes peek at the interactions between heroes at the team’s office building.  The Collectibles went from a concept in May to being filmed July and August.  Starting in January the series will be on a regular weekly schedule of new episodes.  Season 1 will include 10 episodes.  I recommend checking these guys out!
To see episode 1, go to:

The main group of creative minds behind The Collectibles is Moon Bullet Studios.  With a founding group of 7 members, they are trying to unify a fractured group of filmmakers in the Greater Seattle area.  Strongly based in the support of creator distribution and protecting the rights of independent artists, they’re trying to put out media of the highest quality without the outrageous overhead that some productions include.


An interesting spin on the production of The Collectibles is that they are being funded through their IndieGoGo campaign, meaning WE pay for the show to be finished and aired.  For those unfamiliar with IndieGoGo and other crowd funding sites, anyone can go to the website and contribute money to things that interest them.  In this case if you like the show, or at least want to help fund quality and interesting creative work, you should go to the website below and give what you can.


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