Comic-Con 2012: It’s on!

"Do you have a vest or something I could wear?"

First, let me just say that I am extremely happy my wife is as much of a geek as I am.  If she weren’t, we never would have made it through the EPIC registration process involved in obtaining badges for the event which occurs every July in San Diego with over 60,000 nerds and geeks in attendance (for those unaware).  My hat’s off to her for staying focused on finally getting our tickets.

As we learned this year, those wanting to attend must have pre-registered well before tickets were even available online.  If someone wasn’t pre-registered then it would be too late to try and pre-register then purchase the tickets today, the 3rd of March 2012.  When the main Comic-Con webpage emailed pre-registered attendees their respective instructions, we were told less than a week prior to get ready and begin the rat-race which was online registration.  The purchase page was available from 11:00 AM EST until only a little more than 2 hours before tickets were SOLD OUT!  Luckily, we were there to click the refresh button over and over until we got through to number 537.

For anyone that didn’t get their tickets this year, the only thing I can say is to stay on top of it.  It takes adamant effort to ensure you get a ticket- an effort I am sure Comic-Con supports in order to weed out the people that talk about wanting to go from those that REALLY want to go.  There is still a small chance to get a ticket between now and the event as many people that can’t attend sell their admissions back to Comic-Con.  And, yes, I realize even if we have our own admissions secured we still have a long ordeal ahead of us to pick up the badges the day before the event; however, we should be prepared for the grueling lines that open into another line.   


After checking on the Comic-Con webpage just hours ago, there is still no word on the big stars or events set to appear during the event; all we know is that Nerd Trek will have at least one representative there to get the latest scoop on upcoming movies and projects.  This is my geeky dream come true.  Now, what to wear, what to wear?  I think I may be able to pull off a good Lieutenant Worf, especially since I refuse to shave my goatee.

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