d20 Gaming Wands by Wilde Wands #Make100

Carlye Wilde is making magic wands with tabletop gamers in mind as part of Kickstarter’s #Make100! For those of us who are obsessed with games like Dungeons & Dragons this makes a perfect display piece or gift for one of our players or DMs.

Here’s more info on what Carlye is creating and information on how you can get a wand:

Carlye Wilde is well known on Etsy for her finely crafted, handmade magic wands. She is now embarking into new territory creating magic wands for tabletop gamers inspired by her Twin Flame’s love for games like Dungeons & Dragons. Each of these wands will be a limited edition release with only 100 total wands available and crafted upon completion of this project.
Once this Kickstarter project is completed all backers will be sent a survey where they get to choose a specific element important to them, choices include: earth, fire, air, water, light (positive), or dark (negative).
 This Kickstarter is limited to only 100 wands each of which will be hand crafted specifically for you! As part of the Kickstarter.com “100” promotion this project will run only 28 days so cast a haste spell upon yourself and snag your Limited Edition d20 Elemental Wand while you still can!

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