Dark Souls: What Will Your First Death Be?

Dark Souls is soon to be released on October 4th, and all I can wonder is “what will my first death be?” Will it be heroic? Will I die valiantly defending off hordes of enemies? Or will my death be as simple as falling for a trap? It’s hard to say, but my prediction is I will either die from being crushed or skewered. The reason I believe I will die in either fashion is because Demon’s Souls had a lot of BIG bosses. Many of which could easily crush or stab you to death. So, I believe that Dark Souls will match or surpass that criteria. I do realize, however, that even a smaller enemy can run you through with a lance or sword and completely ruin your day. Naturally, I owe that knowledge to the fact that I played Demon’s Souls and learned that even simple enemies could one up you if you did not exercise caution.


     I remember playing my way through Boletarian Palace for the first time. I struggled as dreglings, soldiers,and black knights whittled away my health while I trekked through this dangerous place. Somehow, I got lucky and narrowly escaped death a few times and was able to make it to a long bridge that held several soldiers with spears and crossbows. As I made my way across the bridge, a big pissed off dragon came swooping down and torched everything in its path. Including me. Then I got the pleasure of re-spawning all the way at the beginning of the level. Oh yea, and all the enemies I had killed were back for round 2.  It was my first death and my first experience with the wondrous difficulty these games bring to the table. Now, I realize that technically Vanguard could be considered most people’s first death, but I don’t count it since it is part of the tutorial. Besides, you have to die to start the real game! 

Death by dragon fire is only one way to die in Demon’s Souls. I’m sure many people experienced numerous and various deaths as they pressed on level by level. I know I did. And, even if Demon’s Souls is only half of an indication as what to expect from Dark Souls, then I am certain the ways to die will be even more numerous. Of course, all of this is simple speculation. The only way to know for sure how you will meet your end for the first time is to pick up a copy of Dark Souls when it comes out in October! I already have my copy pre-ordered and I am very excited to see how From Software has improved upon their original formula. Let the punishment commence!


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