Dawnguard, Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V

Dawnguard is Skyrim’s first expansion.  It’s not just added stuff to bolster what we have, there is a lot of new content as well.  We’ll be able to join the Dawnguard or become a Vampire Lord.


Killing people as a Vampire Lord opens a new skill tree to level up.  The more Vampiric carnage you cause, the more you can upgrade your Vampire Lord abilities.  Some of the new powers include: Summoning Gargoyles, Turning into a cloud of Bats, Slowing Time, inflicting Instant Paralysis, and Flight (Although it looks like hovering.  I’m not yet sure if we can fly over Skyrim, especially because the developers have previously stated that they took away the Levitation spell because they didn’t want people going into Dungeons, Caves, and Cairns backwards.  Corroborated by the fact that many exits are up and out of reach from players.)  Take a look at the Vampire Lord Skill Tree:

The Dawnguard is a group of vampire hunters.  The Dawnguard will be battling vampires and trying to stop them from using an elder scroll to permanently block out the sun.  If you choose to be a Werewolf while fighting against the vampires, you’ll have an all new Werewolf skill tree giving you the capability to upgrade your skill set to fend off and destroy the powerful Vampire Lords.  Here is the Werewolf Skill Tree:

There are new weapons too.  The Crossbow does great damage, but takes a long time to fire bolts in succession…  We can craft Crossbow bolts as well, so finding and buying aren’t the only ways to replenish your stock.  I am personally loving the crossbow right now.  As long as the reload isn’t too long and/or you can speed up reload like you can speed up draw speed on the long bow, I might be using it almost exclusively.  And we can finally craft Dragon Bone Weapons (which will be above Daedric level).  We’ve had Dragon Bone Armor and it always felt like I was missing out on Dragon weapons so I’m really happy that I’ll be able to make powerful Dragon Bone Weapons now.

You’ll be able to get Arvak, a badass horse that you summon from Oblivion and can bring to you at almost any time you’re in the open world.  You can fight and wield weapons while on horseback which is long overdue.  You can even have your own armored troll as a companion if you want.

There should be new spells to cast for the magic wielding folks and new shouts, including Soul Tear where you can rip out someone’s soul and make them your undead minion…

Overall I think this upgrade will be well worth it.  I’m looking forward to almost everything I’ve heard from Bethesda about the Dawnguard expansion, other than having to choose Vampire Lord or Dawnguard, sure I’ll replay the other side, but which do I go with first?  Evil vampire that has some awesome new abilities, or to be a Werewolf fighting for the greater good of the realm.

Release will be on Xbox Live June 26 2012 for $20 or 1,600 Microsoft points…
PS3 and PC will come eventually…

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