Decoding DC Comics – Book 1 Justice League!

Another reboot for a company that set the bar for how we could grow attached to comics through iconic figures. Going into this reboot I was upset. What did you need to change? What purpose could it serve going forward? Basically I was mad that they would do this… until I read the book 1 of Justice league.

I do not know how a company can redefine a group that has been drawn for decades, but they did.  I was very impressed!  Actually, I was stunned and reinvigorated!

The changes that have been made to my favorite superhero (Superman of course) are just amazing. His belt is red and his belt buckle is shaped like the symbol from the house of Jorel.  He now sports a high collar and longer sleeves that come to a point on his hands. Superman is still built like a steel freight train and he has lost the different color briefs. Theses changes are huge in the world that is Superman, but I like it.

Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams pulled off the sale of a century with the way the characters fill the Justice league comic. I recommend getting this and reading it. I will not tell you what happens, but it does start out fresh with none of the heroes knowing each other prior.

This is the fresh start DC has created. I look forward to the coming installments of comics.

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