DRAGONKINGS: Thomas L. Denmark


Just who is Thomas L. Denmark you ask?  Well, I had to ask myself that very question when I first saw his name mentioned on the DragonKingsProject.com website awhile back.  Some people might already be familiar with his work, as for myself I wasn’t.  Well at least I wasn’t until I started reading more about him.

Thomas L. Denmark is an Artist and a Game Designer.  He has worked as an Illustrator on tabletop games since 1997.  Illustrating for many projects such as Legends of the Five Rings, Warlord collectible cards, a Signature artist for the A Game of Thrones collectible card game, and several Dungeons & Dragons books.


In 2002 he designed and illustrated the Dungeoneer line of expandable card games. Which has been published in five languages.  In 2012 he released the card game Murder of Crows.

His art career started with LucasArts, working on Star Wars games.  He is currently an Art Director for Kabam, a video game company that creates games for the iOS, and Android platforms.


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