Dungeon Dice!


Dungeon Dice - The Bags

Dungeon Dice – The Bags

Dungeon Dice is a new game that was kickstarted by Potluck Games for 2-5 players. The goal of Dungeon Dice is to be the first player to achieve 4 points. There are several ways to get points. Achieving level 6 is worth 1 point, obtaining and artifact is worth 1 point, and killing a higher powered monster in worth 1 or more points.

The gameplay is quick and easy. The game consists of several types of dice, each of which is stored in its own bag. The green bag contains all the dice that are out on the table during normal game play and includes level dice, combat dice (player and monster), spell dice and special artifact dice. The black bag holds the encounter dice. The blue bag is full of equipment dice.

Each player starts out with a level indicatior (1-6), 1 green combat die, 2 blue equipment dice, and 2 red “one-shot” dice. The blue and red dice are drawn at random.

The red dice bag contains “one-shot” items that can be played at almost anytime during the course of the game. There are keys, potions, scrolls and bombs. Keys are necessary to loot the chests that have the higher powered artifacts needed to help win the game. Potions can heal or make monsters stronger. Scrolls can be used to cast one of the spell dice in the game. Bombs add to combat.

The game is played in quick turns. Each turn the player draws a monster die at random from the black bag, although there are some equipment die that can modify this. The die is rolled and then the player decides whether to run away, thus ending his turn, or encountering the die. The die is either a monster or something special, like a chest or a trap. If it is a monster, it has a level, an id icon, and power icons.

The level of the monster varies from 1-5. For each level, the monster gets to roll a six-sided die for combat. Each monster generally also has one or more special powers. These powers vary from granting the ability to reroll dice, to allowing the monster to steal the lowest die of the player. If the monster is red, black or gold, they are also worth points if defeated, 1, 2, or 3 respectively. One side of the monster die depicts a treasure icon. When defeated, this specifies which bag the loot comes from. If the treasure is rolled, there is no combat; the loot is taken directly .

The treasure icons correspond to the red bag, blue bag or gold bag. The gold bag requires a key to loot, and contains a yellow artifact die. Each artifact die is worth a point. If the player does not have a key, they must loot the blue bag instead.

Once it is decided that combat is to take place, the active player decides which of his equipment dice to use, and if any other player is going to help. Helping players do not take damage or get loot, but increase a level if the monster is defeated. A player can use 2 hands worth of equipment. He picks these and then rolls them and his level dice. The level dice are six-sided dice numbered 1-4. At levels 1-2, a player has one, at 3-5, 2 and at level 6, the player gets three.

Dungeon Dice - The Dice

Dungeon Dice – The Dice

The player to the left of the active player rolls the monster’s dice. If the player’s dice equal or exceed the monster’s dice, the monster is defeated, although if the total is equal, the player still takes damage. If it is less, the monster wins, and the player is damaged and gets no loot. However, after the dice are rolled, special abilities and one-shot items can be used. The player’s special abilities are determined by his equipment dice, and can be used at any time. The player to the left of the monster’s rolling player, i.e. 2nd to the left of the active player, chooses which abilities to activate. Additionally, anyone can interfere with one shot items.

One of the one shot items is a scroll which lets you cast spells. Each spell has a single die that is used, and once it is used, cannot be used again in the same combat, unless it fizzles.

The game keeps going around in quick turns until someone gets 4 points. Each turn generally takes less than a minute, and often, only a few seconds as players either do not encounter monsters, or use the turn to heal. It has a very Munchkin(™)-like feel without the long setup and shuffling.

Potluck games followed up on the original with another kickstarter that was funded. This one adds more expansion to the game and should be available later this year. This is a perfect filler game for those moments when you have a half hour for a quick game. As a plus, all the bags fit into a larger bag that is big enough to hold everything. If you like Munchkin games, and you like dice, you’ll like this game.


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