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Night Owl Games Presents: Dungeon Overlord


When it comes to games of competition that are a worthwhile investment of time, Night Owl Games has hit the mark with their new game Dungeon Overlord.

Dungeon Overlord is a completely free to play Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) through Facebook. The game is set up through a Facebook account. If you feel like making your advancements quicker, to be able to attack your neighbors and rivals, you can purchase upgrades with Facebook points. These points are purchased through Facebook and can be used for available upgrades.


When I first saw how this operated I thought of Farmville, then I posed that question.  I felt after it was explained to the difference of operation that any resemblance to Farmville was incorrect.  In this realm you get to create living quarters, mines, expand your land in your dungeon, and you can even battle your rivals.  Nothing close to Farmville.

I really enjoy the concept of needs to support life.  We all need to eat, sleep and work.  These items are part of your development that you create as you complete tasks that are given to you.  You start with three goblins and you are charged with creating a place where they need to rest, eat, and work.  They have to grow food then you gather it for them. How you upgrade through the game is by creating a mine gathering gold and other precious metals.


One of the inspirations to the game was a multiplayer tabletop game that they wanted to allow people to create an area that dungeon realm based.  This game takes it to a different level in the amount of people that you can end up battling.

Right now the game is in beta level testing for play but I still find that the game is well developed and have not had any problems in this stage.  I am so impressed with the detail this game has that I can’t believe it is free. I finally have a quality game that I can play for free and get my gaming fix in the fantasy world of goblins, warlords, and magic. I love it!


So if you are looking for a game that lets you be the master of your dungeon, take the time to play Dungeon Overlord.  I highly recommend it.  You can go play it now!



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