DungeonMorph Dice Kickstarter


DungeonMorphs Are Back!  These mini-maps on 1″ dice or cards join
using corridors that match up on each side.  Simply grab a few dice
(or some cards) and roll them (or deal them) then line them up next to
each other and you have an instant RPG map.

They were originally Kickstarted over 3 years ago with 2 dice sets of
dungeon (“Adventurer” and “Explorer”) and 1 dice set of cavern
(“Spellunker”) map designs. One deck of cards included the designs of
all 3 sets.The new Kickstarter features city & village designs.

Initially one set of dice with both city & village maps is planned.
But if the modest $10,000 goal is doubled, that one set will be split
into two sets of 5 dice each: one with all different city designs and
the other with all different village designs. The card deck will
feature at least two sets of designs even if no stretch goals are met.
Another major stretch goal at $35,000 will fund a third set of dice
featuring ruins.  Free add-ons are included in between these major
stretch goals.

Further, the original three sets of dice are available again, but
revised to take advantage of an upgraded manufacturing process which
allows for more detail (we’ve included a pretty stonework pattern) and
a cleaner look.  These will ship to US backers 2 weeks after pledging
completes.  (Backers outside the US: please double the extra shipping
fee to get this second shipment.)

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