D&D Next – Doomed to fail?

What do you guys think about D&D NEXT?

Is it going to be any good?  Do we need yet ANOTHER version of D&D?

Do we have any faith in Wizards of the Coast after Hasbro, the infamous “lay offs”, and the abomination that is D&D 4th edition?

If you couldn’t tell I obviously have my doubts about this new version of Dungeons & Dragons.  The last version of the game WOTC released seemed to take the “role” out of role-playing.  The couple times I gave this game a shot I found myself immersed in massive battles with obscene servings of connecting hits and ridiculous amounts of hit points.  At first I thought those D&D 4e cards would be a fun addition to the game, but they ended up being an annoying novelty that distracted players from what was really going on.

The artwork in most of the D&D 4e books is terrible, as is the cartography.  This is probably due to WOTC laying off some of the best RPG employees in the world.  Most of the old school veteran staff now have their own independent companies like Privateer Press and Green Ronin, while others left and joined the ranks over at Paizo and now work on the Pathfinder RPG.  Pathfinder has surpassed D&D as the most successful tabletop RPG on the planet.  There’s a definite reason for that.  Wow, HASBRO… looks like your tactics thus far aren’t working out too well for you.  When a company only cares about the bottom line and not the quality of their products (and those who play them) they lose.  Whether we are talking about food, art, or gaming; quantity over quality will lose every time.

If I had an inkling of hope for D&D NEXT, it was squashed like a tiny kobold with a dagger by this quote from Mike Mearls:

“We want a game that rises above differences of play styles, campaign settings, and editions, one that takes the fundamental essence of D&D and brings it to the forefront of the game…We seek to reach as many people as possible, from the gamer who just started with D&D last week to the gaming group that has been together since the early-1970s. For this process to work, we want to give a voice to all D&D fans and players of all previous editions of the game.”

Given HASBRO’s history I will translate for you:

“We want a game that rises above the competition and brings players of Pathfinder and other independent games back to HASBRO.  We seek to reach as many people as possible from the young to the old.  The more people we can get to play this version of the game, the more money we make!  For this process to work we want to conduct surveys and get your feedback to craft something that is easily digestible by the masses.”

Seriously, if you can’t see that than you either are unfamiliar with the history of the true D&D game or HASBRO’s terrible policies regarding independent contractors and employees.

I wish it were different.  I wish that the D&D game could carry on the legacy that Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson created.  These though are wishes which will only be realized by old school D&D fans that carry on Gary and Dave’s legacy in their own way.


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