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The first ever geek bar in Northern Colorado needs your help!

Almost 2 years ago, Melissa and Manny Garza were in a constant state of nerdy flux. The Garza’s were attending Comic Con in San Diego, Dragon Con, and other conventions throughout the United States. After taking in all these conventions had to offer – there was one difficult dilemma: where should they bide their time while waiting for the next convention? SO the Garzas set out on a quest to find a geeky hangout that was the nerdy parallel to a conventional sports bar or dance club. Their vision was one where board games and video games could be played in the setting of a medieval tavern. For too long the Garzas and fellow geeks and nerds like them sought after the ultimate geek hangout where they could be themselves and play the games they love. After much research and contemplation the Garzas decided that if they couldn’t find their dream geek bar then they would make it! So they both left their jobs as military intelligence analysts in order to follow their passion: accommodating fellow geeks and nerds to have fun in the most welcoming atmosphere possible. Thus, the concept of Dungeons & Drafts was born in late 2013.

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The Garzas eventually settled on Fort Collins, Colorado, based on their longtime love of Colorado craft beer and the unfulfilled desire for fellow geeks and gamers to have their own bar in northern Colorado. Both Melissa and Manny are currently a few months out from their late April – early May opening; however, there are still many supporters that have voiced their need for even more geeky permanent fixtures in the tavern. In order to deliver those requests, the owners of Dungeons & Drafts feel compelled to offer a Kickstarter reward program for those gracious supporters that are willing to give a little in return for so much more in the tavern.

Shirt_DesignThe world needs more geeky bars and this concept is just the cusp of the rise of the geek bars. Dungeons & Drafts plans to push the envelope regarding all things nerdy. Not only will the tavern feature a medieval feel with staples such as ‘Turkey Leg Thursdays’, but the newly launched Kickstarter aims to provide outdoor fire pits, modern stained glass windows, a massive board game library, modern video games consoles, and various other geeky décor that could make one think they died and went to Nerdvana. In short, everyone backing Dungeons & Drafts doesn’t hope to be just a geek bar…they want Dungeons & Drafts to be the geek bar that serves as a model for combining board games, video games, cosplay elements, hearty fare, and great drinks with good friends all in a medieval atmosphere. After all, some of the greatest adventures begin in a tavern.


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