The Rise of Geek Bars: Dungeons & Drafts

Fellow geeks and gamers – we’ve all been in similar situations. Friends of ours that are into sports or dance clubs constantly hound us about being a Hobbit(minus the adventuring) because we never go out to loud venues and, instead, choose the private setting of a home in order to take in the latest Dr. Who  episode or to play Magic: The Gathering with friends. For too long geeks have been misunderstood and mislabeled as self-chosen social outcasts. And there may be some geeks out there that DO choose to live completely off the social grid. But that is not who I speak for….

I speak for the geeks that want a place to call our own. I am talking about a bar that not only welcomes those that don’t fit the mold but also encourages fellow geeks and gamers a place to call their own amidst the plethora of sports bars and dance clubs. Enter Dungeons & Drafts….

Dungeons & Drafts is an example of a growing trend throughout the United States. Just as geeks and gamers are a growing populace that arguably began to evolve in the late 1970s with the rise of RPGs and computers, it’s only natural that we should begin to make our own venues rather than choose between staying at home or braving the crowds that often feel it’s their duty to ridicule anyone they deem as a geek (even though I wear my geekdom as a badge of honor – perhaps the joke is on them).

Yes, the concept is simple. Geeks like to socialize with others that have common interests. We are social animals like any other Jane and Joe. We also like to kick back a few brews while playing some Warhammer, D&D, Magic: The Gathering, Risk, Settlers of Catan, and the list goes on and on. So why not combine all of these elements into a business model that promotes patrons to loiter while they kick back a few drinks and let the geek times roll?

Dungeons & Drafts isn’t the first geek bar to evolve. In fact, there are a growing number of these bars as we speak. However, Dungeons & Drafts is a concept that is sure to grow as quickly as geeks begin to take their foothold in the world. Geeks are a growing culture and we need places to accommodate our needs and our luggage sets full of games.

Dungeons & Drafts will be opening in summer 2014 in Fort Collins, Colorado. As much as we would love to open a store in every major city in the United States, we must start with one location and take over the world from there.

Read below for more information on the owners and their monthly free prize giveaway going on now until June 2014.

About the owners:

Melissa Garza is Dungeons & Drafts’ maven of marketing, wizard of web development, savant of social media, and the ultimate brains behind the operation.

Manny Garza is, well…. when asked what he does in the shop, Melissa typically responds with “public relations”. Manny is the quintessential tank in this operation. Seriously, when Manny plays a wizard, he still role-plays like a tank charging in to stand toe-to-toe flinging magic missiles.

About the monthly free prize giveaway. Visit our website at for official rules.

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