Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion – Guide to the Five Best Armours

These are my top five choices for the best armor in the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

1.      Dwarven Armour

The Dwarven armour is a newly obtained armour in my inventory but it
is so far my favourite, besides the awesome looks of the golden armour
with patterns all over it, it is very durable and it will help you get
through the troll ridden caves and when you resist arrest with the
guards (Don’t do it, it will end up in disaster).


2.      Shrouded armour

The Shrouded armour is the armour that you will obtain when you join
the dark brotherhood. It is enchanted with a spell that fortifies your
sneak by 5secs. This helps when you have to break in to someone’s
house and get something because if the target is asleep, they will not
notice you.


3.      Heavy Arena Raiment

The Heavy Arena raiment is not to be confused with the Light armour
raiment as they do look the exact same, One being the Heavy gives more
Armour but the other one doesn’t.
It is compulsory to where this armour in the Arena as there is a
Yellow and Blue team.


4.      Mithril Armour

Mithril armour looks almost identical to steel armour except for the
patterns that are on the Mithril armour. This armour is quite heavy
and if you’re not careful, you will become over encumbered. It is
durable and good for close combat situations


5.      Chainmail and Steel Armour

For the 5th place spot, there is a tie.  We have the Chainmail and Steel Armour.
The chainmail armour is lighter than the Steel armour and has the same
amount of beef as the steel, but it isn’t as durable as the steel. On
the other hand we have steel Armour which is heavier than chainmail
armour, has the same amount of beef and is more durable.
I’m going to put this one out to the community. A poll- Is Steel or
Chainmail The better armour in Oblivion- Elder Scrolls IV
Leave your answers as a comment

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