Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion – Guide to the Five Best Weapons

As you can probably tell from my first article, I’m a big Oblivion fan.

I’m writing this article to inform you on my top 5 favourite
Weapons for Oblivion- Elder Scrolls IV.
You can enchant your weapons so they can be stronger and deal more damage.
They can Drain Magika and Personality. The possibilities are very much Endless.


1.      Elven Longsword

My Favourite weapon would probably have to be the Elven Longsword
because of the amazing looks and it gives a fair amount of damage to a
foe when you strike them.


2.      Dwarven Claymore

The other night I was Goblin Hunting in a derelict mine and I found an
Elven Claymore which happened to be enchanted with the Spell of Ember
which is used to give Fire damage as well as melee damage. It is a
great weapon which gives a considerable amount of damage when struck
with a might swing


3.      Fine Steel Bow

The fine steel bow is a rarity to beginners because of the
unlikeliness of finding one. They are good because they are durable
and last for a longer period of time than an Iron Bow and they also
shoot quite well.


4.      Blade of Woe

The Blade of woe is a somewhat special dagger which you can only
obtain when you join the Dark Brotherhood. The Dark Brother Hood is
pretty much an Assassins Guild run By a vampire (Don’t worry, you
won’t get the Vampire Disease) but it is called the dark brotherhood.
I like this weapon because you can run with it unsheathed and hardly
lose speed and it gives quite a nasty cut.


5.      Silver Longsword

Last but not least is the Silver Long sword; it comes in Handy in the
‘Benirus Manor’ Quest because silver weapons are the only weapons that
can kill ghosts or spirits. The sword is quite light and durable but
don’t get it mixed up with the Mithril Long sword.


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