Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion’s Fiercest Creatures

Well here is another article about, you guessed it, The Elder Scrolls
IV- Oblivion. This time ‘tis about my 5 Fiercest Creatures in the Game of OBLIVION!!!

1.      Will’ o’ wisp

Well, this creature isn’t much to look at. It is a floating cloud of
Yellow dust. Don’t be fooled by its appearance because this thing has
killed me many times before. This creature cast many differ net spells
on you, E.G – Destruction Spells such as Flare and Frost, and Illusion
spells that drain Magika and cause fatigue.

Yields: Unknown

2.      Troll

Ah the Humble Troll, in this game they are not to humble. They dwell
in and outside of caves. They are big, strong and hard to kill. There
is also a different type of troll called a paint troll, this troll is
in a Particular Quest when you have to rescue a painter from a magical
Portrait portal, It looks like a normal troll except, well, colourful.
Yields: Troll Fat

3.      Gate Keeper

The Gate keeper is a freak of nature that is in the Shivering Isles.
To reach the Shivering Isles, you must enter the Strange Door. The
Gate keeper guards the Gates to Dementia and Mania. The Gate Keeper is
in love with Remelia and you must use her tears In order to kill the
gatekeeper. He is Strong and never gives up, even if you flee he will
chase you down.

Yields: The Keys to Dementia and Mania, Bone

4.      Ogre

Ogres are particularly vicious. The have crude weapons which they use
to bludgeon you to death. They are usually found in the wilderness and
dwelling in and around caves.

Yields: Unknown

5.      Minotaur

A Minotaur is a Mythical Bull like creature that has a human body.
They are scary as Heck when you are going for a nice stroll through
the woods and they surprise you with a good horn in the butt. They are
strong and very very fast.

Yields: Minotaur Horn


I hope this article has given you an inside knowledge of My top 5
Scariest Creatures in The Elder Scrolls IV- Oblivion.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition

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