Elder Scrolls Oblivion: Part 2?

Bethesda Softworks had claimed that another Elder Scrolls Oblivion quest based game was not in the works and that the studio was concentrating on other games for the time being.  Now news has leaked about a potential Oblivion SEQUEL which would continue the storyline where it left off in the last Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion game.  

According to a Eurogamer report the game would directly follow the events of Oblivion, which Bethesda released in 2006.  The report mentions a “Dragon Lord” and “the Blades”.  Bethesda Softworks begins recording voice acting for the in game characters within a few weeks.  According to our source the new Oblivion sequel will operate on a beefed up version of Fallout 3’s graphics engine.  Most of Bethesda’s staff have already started work on the project and fans are salivating in anticipation of a single delicious screenshot.  Perhaps Bethesda has one they can email to us here at NERD TREK?  We can dream can’t we?


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