Bethesda Softworks Elder Scrolls V Release date 11-11-11


Bethesda Softworks the Elder Scrolls 5 which was originally rumored to be a direct sequel to Oblivion has officially been announced to great fanfare.

The release date for Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is 11-11-11 and was announced at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. Unlike Oblivion, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim will be using a brand new engine which has been promised by Bethesda Softworks to be less buggy and a lot smoother.  I for one cannot wait until 11-11-11 and would rather teleport directly to that date so that I can start playing right away!

Here’s the trailer:

I’m positive that this will be the most anticipated game title in 2011. If there is a pre-order available, NERD TREK will be on top of it! You can trust us to get you the very best discount through our affiliation with Gamestop and Amazon. Make sure and sign up for NERD TREK news so you will be included in the email when the pre-order is announced. Given that Morrowind and Oblivion are at the very top of my list of favorite RPGs EVER, I will be thinking about this release date all year long!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is named after the nation of Skyrim which is a cold mountainous region where the first human settlements are rumored to have been founded. The trailer doesn’t show much, but a dragon attacking and killing humans is the key focus with the narrator voicing “someone should have acted” and a single surviving man that the narrator calls “Dragonborn” standing amidst the flames. Presumably in the Elder Scrolls V we will take control of a character which is of this “Dragonborn” lineage. The events that occurred in Oblivion are briefly referenced hence shedding light on the recent news flurry regarding Elder Scrolls V being a sequel to Oblivion.

We are 11 months away from the release date for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can count on NERD TREK to bring you the most up to date information on this game and many more. Add us to your bookmarks, iphone apps, or sign up for our News Email which goes out daily chock full of nerdiness.

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