New electric car model makes the earth a “Better Place”

Obama wants a million electric cars on the road within 5 years.  This has given rise to competition to determine who will be providing this new technology to the car companies and constructing a “fueling” station infrastructure.  The electric car itself has actually been around for a very long time, in fact some of the very first cars were electric.  Modern day technologies help eliminate many of the issues that would make past electric car prototypes impractical in everyday use.  One of the companies making the electric car more than just a dream, but a plausible reality is a tech company out of Israel called Better Place.  Israel has acted much faster than the rest of the world to develop this kind of technology due to the fact that paying for fossil fuels in that part of the world sends the majority of their financial assets to countries who would rather see Israel wiped off the map.

Better Place, who calls themselves “the global provider of electric vehicle networks and services” has been working for years on their efforts for an electric vehicle and all that work is about to pay off.  They have opened up their manufacturing facility with a grand tour which many Israelites have taken and made the decision to trade in their old gas powered gar for a brand new electric vehicle.  There are many questions that Americans want answered before they switch over to electric vehicles.   Jason Wolf from the North American division of Better Place explains how paying for fuel works today and will work tomorrow. “Today with a gasoline car, you buy your car and then you basically have a subscription with an oil company — Exxon, Chevron, whoever. You drive to a gasoline station once a week, on average, and you fill up. That’s your subscription. It’s random. The price changes over time, you’re not usually happy because you have to go out of your way,” Wolf says. “With these vehicles, what you do is you get your subscription predetermined. Someone comes to your house and stores a charge spot, and basically you’re happy just getting your energy without changing your behavior.”

Better Place plans on installing recharge stations at people’s homes where they will hopefully tap into electrical supplies which are provided by hydro or wind power.  When you need to recharge out on the road there will be many stations which will be shown on an interactive GPS that is available 24/7 on the vehicle.  The GPS will direct you to nearest recharge facility where they will simply swap out your drained battery for a recharged one.  It will take less time than filling an empty gas tank and you’ll be back out on the road.  The average life of a battery is around 100 miles give or take depending on your style of driving and if it is freeway or in city.  If you plan on taking a longer road trip to a place that is quite isolated (like the middle of the desert) you instead could just take your regular gas vehicle according to Better Place.  Better Place has conducted extensive researched and determined that most families have 2 vehicles so this electric vehicle would replace the vehicle that is used most often for the daily commute.  If you needed the gas vehicle for a road trip to an isolated area you would still have that option.

In order to establish refuel sites across the entire USA it would cost Better Place 8 billion dollars.  This is the same amount the USA spends on fossil fuels in 7 days.  If Better Place is able to establish itself as THE choice for electric vehicles it should become a multi-billion dollar company.  (It might be a good time to invest!)  Obama’s tax break for US citizens gives $7500 back to citizens willing to invest in a new electric vehicle.

What do you think about electric cars?  If this becomes available with easy charging stations throughout your country would you purchase an electric vehicle?  What is a reasonable price for a monthly subscription for charging?  Would you be willing to pay more than you currently pay for fuel?

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