Eminence Symphony Orchestra: Music for the Gaming Generation

The first time I heard Eminence perform I was blown away. Being a retired professional touring musician I have a strong love, understanding, and respect for talented musicians. Coming from a rich background in gaming & film as well as many friends working in the industry I also have a passion for not only video games and movies themselves, but the stories and people behind them. Putting the two together was genius and Eminence Symphony Orchestra have done just that. Performing famous songs from games and movies such as Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Tsubasa Chronicle, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7, and even Super Mario Bros. the orchestra spreads a smile across my face while my mind wanders back to a time when I could game all day without a care in the world.

In 2003 Eminence Symphony Orchestra was founded in Sydney, Australia and is considered an independent orchestra. When it started it was just a small group of friends led by the virtuoso solo violinist Hiroaki Yura.  The vision of the orchestra is to “inject something bold, dynamic and fresh into classical music.”  Eminence wishes to “break down the barriers between the audience and the musicians, and to revive orchestra in today’s society; particularly amongst youth.”  A lofty goal if I might say so myself since so much of today’s music has been dumbed down to repetitive heavy bass driven beats intermingled with scantily clad supposedly sex deprived women parading around grotesque men wearing sideways baseball caps.  Of course, this is a stereotype, but seriously people- how much has popular music truly evolved in the last 30 years? (aside from a smattering of bands who push the limits on musical exploration.)

Although the trademark of Eminence is the grand orchestra, on occasion the organization also breaks up into smaller concerts which feature groups of 3-5 musicians as well as ensembles, branded differently under Eminence Artists.

Eminence has now established itself prominently in both the USA and Japan wear they perform often on tour.  Please support these groundbreaking artists when they come to your town.  They have already composed and performed original pieces for movies, anime, and video games on top of their usual repertiore you may be lucky to hear an original piece or realize you have already heard it in a popular movie or game such as Romeo x Juliet, GrimGrimoire, Oppona, Diablo III, or Soulcalibur IV amongst many other titles.

Waste no more time reading my friends, crank up your speakers and feast your eyes and ears upon the following videos by Eminence Symphony Orchestra of Sydney, Australia!

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