Enslaved: A Look Back


Enslaved for PS3 is an action/adventure/platformer by Ninja Theory, the same company that brought us Heavenly Sword. The story follows two protagonists along a standard storyline in a post apocalyptic man vs. machine world.  The world is quite beautiful with overgrown vegetation swallowing city scapes and skyscrapers all around you.  It gives you an interesting playground, at least.

-WARNING! – Spoilers below, you have been warned!-

Our two protagonists escape from a slave ship, (apparently in our bleak future, self aware machines are hell bent on controlling us for a change) but barely.  An explosion aboard the ship knocks Monkey (the character you will be playing) unconscious.  When he awakens, he realizes that he is now wearing a head band.  Tripp (the female lead) explains to Monkey that she is responsible for putting the head band on him.  If Monkey doesn’t agree to help Tripp get home safely, she will use the head band to kill him.  Hence, the title, Enslaved.  Strangely, Monkey’s  objections to slavery are short lived and falls right into place dutifully helping the rather helpless Tripp along.  The story arcs by the numbers with Tripp’s village in ruins and her father dead.  Naturally, this results in the obvious revenge plot twist.  A third character emerges, Pigsy.  He is, primarily, comic relief and a general nuisance.

Action in the game comes in three basic forms: mechs, mechs with guns, and brace yourself….giant mechs! Button mashing won’t get you far, but combat is far from challenging, save for a few “save us” areas that result in Tripp and Pigsy sitting like lame ducks screaming, “Hurry up, Monkey, they’re getting close!”  Like I mentioned at the start of this review, the game has a platforming element as well.  None of the platforming is difficult, but it is fun to watch Monkey jump and flip his way around, picking Tripp up and tossing her across a chasm puts a smile on my face every time.


The trio finally reaches the end game destination where you are treated to a cinematic, an unplayable movie featuring Andy Surkis of The Lord Of The Rings fame.  Apparently, he is the mastermind behind “enslaving” humans.  The rather enigmatic climax begs the question if ignorance is bliss in regards to thousands of humans being “strapped into” a matrix type world where things are the way they were prior to whatever caused the current state of affairs.  I’m sure lots of people will walk away scratching their heads, but ultimately the game is an enjoyable, if not a re-playable journey.

Great environments
Interesting vision of post apocalyptic world
Believable voice acting

Repetitive combat
Predictable story
Occasionally wonky controls

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