Evidence that Time Travel is possible?

Is time travel possible? This is a MUST SEE!

I was stunned and not able to really come to any conclusion other than the fact that time travel could be possible. Either that or this is a really good hoax or a crazy person who just happens to be pretending to talk on a portable phone (a fairly advanced idea in those times!) I have always stood firm in my belief that it would only be possible to travel forward in time, but never backwards. How would you travel back before the time travel device existed? It would cease to exist. Time travel is one big paradox.

Time travel has forever fascinated and captured the imaginations of millions of people the world over. Following this article are some other strange finds that make us ask that question “Are time travelers among us now?” This seems like science fiction, but we all know that science fiction eventually becomes science fact and in the case of time travel- if it is possible to travel back in time… we would be witnessing some of this fact during our existence here now.

2000 years ago off the coast of Southern Greece a chest was lost in the ocean.  It was recovered in 1900 by Greek Sponge divers.  Years later when the technology was available, X-rays were used to peer inside at the contents.

Sciencists were amazed and baffled at what they found.  A computer the size of a piece of paper that could calculate the exact location of all of the planets in the solar system and even every single eclipse.  How could this have been possible for a device such as this to exist 1000 years before even the first clockwork inventions were even dreamed up?

Digital Recreation of what the device once looked like

This is amazing and another strange fact that points out that we may have either time travelers or aliens living among us or jumping in and out in disguise as they learn about their past.  I know it seems crazy, like something out of Star magazine or whatever you call those stupid supermarket tabloids with aliens and bigfoot plastered on the cover.  It seems insane and ficticious… but it’s all true.  Research it yourself.  I will be updating this post with more strange devices found through the years.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

I don’t know if any of these are true, but they are fascinating to read and think about. Enjoy!

1. Australian researcher, Ronald Pegg, made the following bold claims:

The beings described and documented in many ancient texts known as ‘angels’, were accounts of technological time travellers appearing in the past.

These ‘time messengers’ took with them a computer and eight compact disks (ie. multimedia cd-roms), including these three named ones:

1. Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean – Multimedia CD ROM by SCALA/E.M.M.E. Interactive, United Kingdom, 1995.
2. The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Release 6, Grolier Inc., 1993.
3. RedShift 2 by MARIS Multimedia, England, 1998.

The ‘time messengers’ showed certain ancient people the contents and specific sequences of pictures from the compact disks. With this ‘knowledge from the gods’, these people often became known as ‘prophets’ and formed a new religion.

Mr Pegg then stated
“anyone who sits in front of a computer, with those compact disks running, and while reading verses from various ancient texts, will see that those descriptions are an exact transcript of the imagery from the compact disks. I conclude that this is evidence of time travel”.

The Australian based PPHC Study Group’s chief researcher, Eddy Pengelly, took up this challenge – and confirmed the following:

 Egyptian hieroglyphs depict the exact form of a compact disk, the protruding cradle of the cd-rom tray that sits in the rectangular computer box, plus a mouse and cable.

 On a vignette illustration on Plate VII from the Papyrus of Ani, is depicted the form and content from screen images seen from the Ancient Civilizations cd-rom.

 The Creation account is reporting the sequence of main images and active icons seen when the Ancient Civilizations cd-rom is first played.

 Ezekiel’s wheels within wheels, Daniel and John’s four beasts, and Matthew’s ‘By the Sea’ descriptions are all descriptions of particular pictures from the Ancient Civilizations cd-rom.

 The epithet “Book with Seven Seals” (Revelations 5:1) and “a roll of a book…written within and without” (Ezekiel 2:9-10) not only describe where the data is stored and retrieved from a compact disk, but acknowledges the seven seals (iconic doorways) on the Map Page from the Ancient Civilizations cd-rom.

 An historical picture shows the Mormon witnesses (in circa 1830 CE) holding in their hands empty plastic compact disk cases.

 Much of the described imagery contained in Plato’s dialogues regarding ‘the city beneath the sea’, Atlantis, is from the Ancient Civilizations cd-rom.

 Nostradamus documents a computer being used to view two specific cd-roms, Ancients and Grolier – which he has named as ‘The Wheel of Destiny of Nations’ and ‘The Wheel of Time’ respectively. C1 Q1-2 explain how to place the first compact disk upon the saddle of the cd-rom tray and use the mouse & cable ‘wand’ to bring forth specific imagery from the Ancients cd-rom.

 The astronomical references in both the Old and New Testaments came from viewing the RedShift2 cd-rom. Revelations 12:3 refers to the July 1994 impact with the planet Jupiter by pieces of comet ShoemakerLevy9.

 What is religiously know generally as ‘the End Time Signs’ throughout the Bible are the documented accounts of the events culminating in the 1990 Persian Gulf War, shown to the various prophets by the time travelling messengers. This information was verbally told, as well as being shown from the Grolier cd-rom and two written publications, The Timetables of Jewish History by Judah Gribetz (with Edward L Greenstein and Regina S Stein, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1994) and Encyclopedia of The Persian Gulf War by Mark Grossman, ABC-CLIO Inc, 1995.

2. I don’t want to steal the info straight off the page, so go to this link and then come back to read more!

3. Picture taken in 1940, look closely.

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