Failing at Seeking Justice – A Movie Review

I’m afraid I’ve come to the conclusion that Nicolas Cage, the star of some of my favourite movies like The Rock, Con Air and Face/Off has become a B-rated actor. For the past day I’ve tried to think when last I saw a good movie with him in and I’ve come up shockingly short. His choice of films are just not what they used to be.

Take Seeking Justice for instance. The film starts off with what I like to think of as a ‘tension hook’. It’s an action film, so naturally – the film starts off with someone dying in a tense scene that involves a lot of screaming, but not a lot of common sense (just get out of the car! Don’t wait for him to push you over the edge! Really!). Then, you have your introduction to the main character. Nicolas Cage plays an english teacher living in New Orleans who is very clearly completely in love with his wife. The tensions builds quite well, I’ll give them that and at first the film showed promise. Cage’s wife gets assaulted – brutally – and while he sits in the hospital, in shock and distraught, the antagonist Simon approaches him with an offer. His people will take out the assailant in return for a favour. He does not say what the favour will be, but he plays it off as something small.

Which we know it won’t be, because this is a film.

Simon is apart of a group of vigilantes who has taken justice into their own hands. Their rules are simple, they’ll deal with the person who had commit a crime in your life, if you later deal with a person who committed a crime in someone else’s. It sounds like justice, it sounds like a good deal but it isn’t…

The plot is thin and although it’s carried by the tension in the beginning of the film, it falls completely flat towards the end of the film. Things just doesn’t make a lot of sense and the characters’ reasoning, carried over in flourishing speeches of justice and innocence that didn’t touch the viewer at all. The tension gets exhausting and the jokes are thin. The only thing that pulled me through the film without leaving me feeling as if I should slit my wrists or run out and go watch how the vendors made popcorn was the action.

Instead of going to see it in the theatre, I’d rather suggest that you wait for the film to come to cable or cheap DVD. And if you’re a Nicolas Cage fan, steer well clear, this movie will be one more step to cementing the actor’s inevitable road to the ‘had been a good actor but now…’ label.


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