Fellowship of Lighting #1

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The Fellowship of Lightning was a group of heroes in an AD&D 2nd edition – Forgotten Realms game I used to run.  The main character and leader of the group was a unique fellow indeed; An adopted Drow raised as a farmer in Shadowdale- Queless wielded the pitchform (or later the Trident since it was quite similar).  With the accent of the Dalelands and dealing with recently murdered human parents Queless ventured out into the world eventually finding himself in Waterdeep.  At this point in the game the player and I (all that was left of the party) realized that getting together for a game was becoming near impossible so we decided to run our game online in story format yet still rolling dice to determine outcomes.  It was at this point where we begin our story with the first online entry of Queless run by my friend Eric in an online AD&D game in the Forgotten Realms!  Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Queless woke from a poor night of sleep and rolled over in bed. Nightmares plagued his slumber, visions of his adopted human parents being slain in their beds as they slept. The murderer was on the loose with no finality to this heinous crime. Revenge could bring resolve, but could never heal the wounds the murderer left upon his Dark Elf heart. Queless’s quiet and usually peaceful home of Shadowdale was left far behind in his wanderlust. Now Queless the Drow farmer called Waterdeep: the City of Splendors, his home. Many strange quests (including saving Waterdeep in an alternate reality and closing the portal which allowed travel between this dimension and that) earned him many friends including Morin Granitefist. Morin Granitefist was a great Dwarven warrior and priest of the birthfather of the Dwarves- Moradin Soulforger.

So much had already happened in Queless’s life that the stories were becoming too much to tell a newcomer. Each waking day was a new story unfolding page by page.

Todays story begins with a walk to meet Council Member Grendmeer Mendothian at the Piergeron’s Palace entrance at Dawn. The council wishes to quietly resolve the matter of undead roaming about an underground secret council chamber. Access will be given to “The Fellowship of Lightning” (Queless & Morin) at dawn. They wish to have this matter resolved within an hour if possible to draw the least amount of attention. Within 2 hours the palace will become alive with various dignitaries and council members. If the job takes this long the group will forfeit their reward of 2 magical items, although they will still be paid 400 gold pieces for their troubles and future silence regarding this event and the location of the secret council chambers.

Queless got out of bed and stretched, looking around his inn room at the Silver Lion. Queless was mentally preparing himself for another journey into the bowels of the city to free the 3rd group of undead from their magical entrapment in the “dead gems”, similar to the 2 that the Fellowship had already recovered. The 2 gems recovered previously glowed with a red light and released undead who roamed about searching for anything alive to attack and kill. The gems themselves were mounted upon strange silver pedestals covered in ancient writing unreadable so far to the Fellowship or anyone they had sought out. A force field protected the magical devices until Queless discovered a way to disarm them. He found that by taking a dead deactivated gem and pushing it into the force field that he was able to gain access and knock the glowing red gem from its position upon the pedestal. The gem fell to the floor and also became deactivated itself. The undead vanished instantly and the pedestal and gem were obtained and removed from the premises. So far the Fellowship had removed gems from the Dock Ward under “Vendall’s Varied Goods” and from the Trades Ward underneath “Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalog” warehouse headquarters. Obviously gaining some notoriety, and with the help of a friendly Daleland barkeep named “Flen” they obtained their current mission of helping the local government with their problem at Peirgeron’s Palace.

The day prior Queless and Morin had visited numerous temple, shrines, and magic shoppes in search of someone to identify the strange silver pedestals and “dead gems”. Unfortunately 300 gold pieces later they were no closer to knowing the truth, origins, or the reason these magical items were triggered in the first place. The only knowledge they were able to gleam was from an old retired Necromancer named “Bebble” who lives in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep. They were referred to him by the Magickal Mayham magic stand in the market. “Bebble” had told them that the writing upon the pedestals was an ancient necromantic tongue not spoken in centuries. The last known Necromancer who used such a tongue was a descendant of the Netheriel and died over 600 years ago. His name was “Orumgarum” and lived out the last of his days in an icy fortress far to the North past Icewind Dale.

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