Fellowship of Lightning #3

Chapter 3

Morin and Queless walked the streets of Waterdeep from the Silver Lion Inn all the way up to the Castle Ward soaking in the sights and sounds of Waterdeep. As they traveled deeper into the Castle Ward the city streets became more and more quiet. Luckily they did not run into any thieves or brigands as there was a very strong guard presence. Large groups of 6 or more guards on horseback rode past with torches often. Surprisingly not one of them stopped to harass Queless as he was used to. Being a Drow could be tough at times. Luckily if one picked an above world city to live in, Waterdeep was it. Even goblins or kobolds with a good heart could find this place their home. Although not everyone in Waterdeep was as easy going, it was still a lot friendlier than Cormyr or anywhere else for that matter. The only other place Queless had heard of that had welcomed a Drow in the past was the Gem of the North- Silverymoon. The great and powerful hero Drizzt Do’Urden had frequented the place enough and rumor had it- became friends with Lady Alustriel who was now the ruler of the Confederation of Luruar (the Silver Marches). It was good to know that the folks of the North had open minds enough to allow a Drow to travel their lands unharmed for the most part. Queless tightened his stance realizing that he had relaxed his guard, something he was not used to in his travels. “I must be aware of my surroundings at all times.” he said aloud. Morin glanced over while trudging ahead, trying to keep up. “Aye, my friend. We must be prepared for anything.”

Castle Ward was the largest ward within the city, it contained Mount Waterdeep, the Castle itself, Piergeiron’s Palace, and many of the barracks and other public buildings around them. Generally only the wealthy and powerful lived here, and then only if they were involved in the daily intrigue and “night-life”, the social cut-and-thrust of city life. Now, a number of temple complexes and education centers occupied this ward, though their effects on the ward as the center of the city’s political life were minimal.

Morin and Queless talked as they walked together in the darkness. Friends of the most unusual kind. A tall Drow farmer and a short red-haired Dwarf Champion, they were destined to be friends for many years to come despite their differences. As they chatted they neared Piergeron’s Palace.

Piergeron’s Palace
This elaborate palace was built for the third Open Lord of Waterdeep, Lhestyn Arunsun, nearly 80 years ago and still stands as a shining symbol of the Lord’s Rule today, its white marble walls never blemished by the corruption so common among Sword Coast governments.

The two heroes stood before the great palace in awe. They had nothing like this in the Dalelands, Queless thought. Morin pointed at the grand entrance hugged by two enormous stone columns. “There’s a human up there. With the absence of guards I would say we arrived right on time.” Queless nodded and began to climb the steps. The man came to greet them. He wore an elaborate garb made from the finest silks and colored gold, blue, and white with the crest of Waterdeep on the chest.

“Council Member Grendmeer Mendothian, pleased to make your acquaintance. I have heard wondrous things about you two. They say you can rid a place of any undeath or haunting. You are known as the Fellowship of Lightning I am told. If we have time once the job is complete perhaps you may have the time to tell me why you go by such a name.”

“Gladly” Morin said. “Please lead the way to where this horrific occurrence is taking place. We will deal with it swiftly.”

“Of course, we must make haste. If you are able to contain the threat within 1 hour we will be able to give you two magical items of your choice from our vault. Otherwise we will only be able to grant you 400 gold pieces for your labor. I hope you understand our wish to keep this silent from the public. Rumors spread quickly and viciously in Waterdeep and we want to uphold our strong stance and keep evil far away from our great city. These are secret council chambers reserved for meetings in times of emergency when our usual room is being used for tactical planning. Please do not make any maps or share any information you obtain here with any parties under any circumstances. If you adhere to these rules the city will add you to our list of sponsored adventuring groups which will bring you plenty of work!”

Council Member Grendmeer Mendothian ushers you inside quickly. “Follow me, I will take you there directly.”

Queless walked beside the Council Member, “Thank thee Council Member Grendmeer Mendothian. I think that I speak for the both of us when I say that it is an honor to have the opportunity to help. We doth understand ye troubles art able and ready to deal with them. Just a couple of things to make this job easier for both of us, ye are not the only one pressed for time. Dost ye have a map or could ye tell us how many rooms there art and which ones art affected? Is there access to sewers or any other underground areas down there? These abominations doeth seem to ‘sprout’ from places hidden.”

The council member nodded and elaborated “There is a secret door to access the secret council chambers. Stairs descend to the chambers which is a circular stone room. There are no other ways in or out of the room. I will explain more once we arrive at the staging point.”

“This way please.”

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