FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper – Tips & Tricks

Final Fantasy Record Keeper game

FFRK - Memory Synergy01.jpgFINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper – Tips & Tricks

  • Make Record Synergy a top priority when choosing characters and equipment!
    • Record Synergy not only boosts the stats of your characters, but it also increases the EXP they earn.
  • Honing abilities makes them much more useful. It’s best to start by honing lots of lower rank abilities.
    • Using recovery abilities mid-dungeon is often essential, so hone those abilities to increase the number of uses.
  • Check out strategy advice before heading into a dungeon!
  • Many of the character-exclusive Soul Breaks attached to certain pieces of equipment are immensely effective.
    • If you manage to acquire one, be sure to put it to good use. Even if it doesn’t seemto be that useful at first, the time may come for it to shine! These Soul Breaks include:
        • Sentinel: Draws enemy single-target physical attacks and makes the user’s Defense three times higher! It’s a great way to protect mages and other allies with low Defense.
        • Darkness: Sacrifices some of the user’s HP to launch a powerful dark elemental physical attack at all foes! It’s also a long-range attack, so it can be used to strike hard to reach enemies!
        • Healing Wind: Recovers the HP of all party members! The amount recovered is equivalent to Cura, and could be a real life-saver against bosses that use area of effect attacks.
  • Accessories are quite rare but incredibly useful. You can win them as dungeon rewards in events, so don’t miss out!

FFRK - Sentinel FFRK - Healing wind Square Enix producer Ichiro Hazama FFRK - Memory Synergy02.jpg FFRK - Memory Synergy01.jpg FFRK - Darkness FFRK - Ability.jpg

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