A Final Fantasy Remake

Square Enix recently announced its plans to remake one of the more receptive Final Fantasy games for the PS3 and PS Vita.  Which one?  Already the cerebral fluids may be pumping in anticipation as to which game was selected by Square Enix.

Drum rolls……Final Fantasy X.  I know if you are a diehard FFVII fan like me then I already know the thoughts that are going through your head.  Why is Square Enix so adamantly opposed to remaking FFVII?  Why are they remaking FFX instead of FFVII?  Who knows what their plans are?  Perhaps it holds a glimmer of hope that we may see Square Enix return to FFVII to bring it back to the forefront of the franchise just one more time.

Despite so many people that would like us FFVII fans to give it a rest and move on, I would say Square Enix is moving on too quickly, in my opinion.  Take FFXIV for example.  It is no surprise that so many people have grown frustrated with the later generation games which are pumped out quicker than a queen alien lays eggs.  Even Square Enix CEO, Yoichi Wada, said “The Final Fantasy brand has been greatly damaged” in regards to FFXIV at a press conference in Tokyo.  I think his statement is correct that the franchise has damaged itself but not with FFXIV alone.

It’s the act of not listening to the diehard following that really hurts the franchise.  Some would say this began to occur when Square dropped the “Soft” and switched to “Enix” just after Final Fantasy X was released.  Since that time the franchise has focused on a growing amount of cut scenes rather than good, old fashioned fun.  The latest games are a true testament to the amount of cut scenes versus game play.  For example, how many times did you force yourself to stay put on the couch to press the SELECT button over and over again just to fight on in FFXIII?  Many of us that grew tired of pushing SELECT basically skipped the entire plot since Square Enix spent more time developing their cut scenes (mini-movies) as opposed to making a kick-ass, free roam world with a plot that was integrated into the game play.

Yes, as far as great CGI cut scenes are concerned, we know Square Enix has great programmers.  But CEO Yoichi Wada has to remember that we fans of the early FF series were used to 8-bit, pixel graphics.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we get away from 1080p CGI.  On the contrary, I like the clarity that science brings into my gaming experience each year.  Yet, 1080p won’t automatically save a video game and neither will 3-D.  In fact, what continues to make FFVII live on through the years is not the graphics.  I mean, I just played the game a few months ago and laughed at the graphics of yesterday.  But the game play is what made FFVII endure.

What parts about FFVII did you like?   If you could incorporate any concepts from FFVII or FFX, which ideas would you demand in a remake of either game?  Let’s get the thoughts flowing.  This is only the beginning of a wonderful discussion that could go much further, should the fans demand it.

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