Final Fantasy Tactics coming to iPhone & iPad


Square-Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Tactics will finally be released for iPhone and iPad in June or July 2011. The version slated for iPad is promised to be HD, eliminate the jagged edges present on the PS1 and PSP versions and introduce some new fancy graphics. The price has not yet been announced, but being as this is some of the best news to come out of Square-Enix in some time I could care less how much it costs! I’m buying it as soon as it’s available!  As stated previously in my article “Games with the Best Replay Value“, FF Tactics holds a nice spot at #7 on my list!  Also, as of late my son has been replaying the PS1 version of the game and the music streaming through the air from upstairs makes me smile and remember how much I loved that game.  Despite the ancient graphics, some of those classics really hold their own when it comes to gameplay.

I can’t wait to hold the iPad in my hands and easily spin the battle field around while using my fingers to manipulate my team and move in on the enemy.  I think games like Final Fantasy Tactics were really made for the iPad and will allow for a younger generation to grasp hold of one of the greatest games for RPG, Strategy, and Final Fantasy fans alike.

Final Fantasy Tactics for iPhone and iPad is due out June/July 2011!

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