Sorry for the delay, kupo! Just been so busy thinking of the best villians!! So last time around we did the CUTEST characters (with myself er… I mean Moogles winning!) Now we are onto the EVILEST, BADDEST PERSON in the series!!

Starting at number 5 we have (dun dun dduuunnn): Sephiroth

While not entirely human, (he was created, kupo!) He wanted to be a GOD! Well that is just plain mean! But at the same time, he had this ‘lost boy’ appeal to him which is what made him land at the number 5 spot.



Coming in at number 4 is: Kuja

This poor (again created beings!) guy acts mostly behing the queen, but has evil plots of his own!! He isn’t all bad though, kupo! He does say he is sorry in the end!!




Number 3 is the one and only: Sorceress Adel

What?! Not the main boss of FFVIII?! NOPE! This sorceress in my opinion was TERRIBLE! She/He actually encases Rinoa to itself and as you attacked it, you would have to be careful as to not hurt Rinoa, kupo!!




Being super bad at number 2 is: Kefka

This joker is the pure definition of evil! He is hates EVERYTHING, kupo! And he steals all the powers from the espers just for his own evil intentions!! Oh he is bad!




And last but definitely no goodness in him is: Chaos

This guy is so bad, that the heroes in the original had to go back into time to destroy before he could come back to the present and be his evil self, Kupo!




Well that is my awesome list of baddies, kupo! Until next time, Moogle girl is out!

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