Forge of Honor – Nerd Parents Take Heed!

targimal-pyramid-smForge of Honor toys encourage play, imagination – and gamers!

Time running out to support Kickstarter plush-toy project.  An innovative line of plush toys aimed at helping children fight bedtime monsters has attracted a welcome supporter: Gamers.

Forge of Honor toys launched its colorful plush swords, shields and mini-warriors known as the Targimals on Kickstarter. The toys encourage play, imagination and courage in children. Early on, the startup toymaker realized Kickstarter was beyond comprehension for ordinary parents. Gamers who are parents, however, got it.


“I checked out this project a couple of times, and thought it was a neat idea,” writes backer Ghool, who blogs at “My daughter came and had a look. It was then that the money flew out of my wallet. Once she saw this image she said, ‘I want the purple sword, daddy.’ Now what gamer dad in his right mind would deny their child such a request?”

Forge of Honor toys stem from the (newly created) legend of the Targimals, the pint-sized warriors who have pledged to protect children from bedtime monsters. Along with the Bordor Blades and Bordor Shields (which double as a pillow), the toys are actually tools and lessons in courage and honor. In a potential book series, toy creator Dale Taylor plans to piece together the story and delve into legend of the Targimals, the secret Blade formula and the top-secret Forge of Honor academy.


“I wanted the plush toys to be part of the story in a real way. The Forge of Honor toys are not like action figures that emulate a movie or a story. Nope, the toys are actually part of a secret training mission — you are on mission right now,” Taylor said. “Young kids can have the story books about the Targimals read to them, and play with their sword and shields in fun oblivion. When they graduate to the illustrated pre-teen chapter books, they’ll find out they’ve been on a secret training mission!”

The toys are available to pre-order until August, 5. Pre-order before it’s too late:

Headquartered in Centennial, CO, Forge of Honor is a creation of Dale Taylor, a sixth-generation Texan. Dale spent his childhood reading and doodling and earned a BFA at the University of Texas, Arlington. He worked as a designer and cartoonist at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and as a web designer at He spent the past decade developing toys and games for the pet industry and is now venturing into a new but similar realm with Forge of Honor. Dale lives outside of Denver with his wife and young daughter.

A Forge of Honor toy upon the pillow side of the shield.

A Forge of Honor toy upon the pillow side of the shield.

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