Forge of Honor toys get Kickstarted!


One week left: Quest for play & creativity continues, new goals unveiled

With a week left and our initial Kickstarter goal reached, Forge of Honor isn’t ready to rest yet. Funds aren’t guaranteed until the campaign is over! Plus, creator Dale Taylor has a brain that just won’t stop and he’s coming up with new accessories and even new toys. We’ve added activity pages (see and offered a sneak peek at plans for an epic fiction series, starting with picture books for the wee ones. Check it out before it’s too late:

  • $20,000 Stretch Goal – A special sword holster that attaches to a belt or the shield so children (or their parents) can carry swords hands-free or carry shield, sword and Targimal with one hand. If we hit $20,000 in funding, Forge of Honor will include a holster FREE with every bundled set.
  • $25,000 Stretch Goal – A nod to the gamers and playful parents who’ve supported us, we’ve created games that turn the shield and sword into training tools for future monster hunters. A sash attaches to the shield, adding a target for players to catch or block petards (balls) for points. The sash will sell for around $15 but if we hit $25,000, every backer of a set can get it for just $5.
  • $50,000 Stretch Goal – The genesis of Forge of Honor began in the bedroom of Dale’s daughter, who feared nighttime monsters. Dale conjured up the Targimals to allay her fears. But while the soft toys are just playthings for children today, they are really training mates inspired by the unwritten stories in Dale’s head. One day, children will be invited to join the Forge of Honor Academy to fight the evil that lurks in the dark patches of history. Getting to $50,000 ensures the books get started; all backers will get the ebook when published.

With the support of fans, Forge of Honor is truly getting Kickstarted and we are preparing to place the first order with our manufacturer.   Please continue to support the project as it becomes an inspiring new toy company. Support the project at (For images, see

“I checked out this project a couple of times, and thought it was a neat idea,” wrote Ghool, at “Once (my daughter) saw this image she said, ‘I want the purple sword, daddy.’ Now what gamer dad in his right mind would deny their child such a request?”

Forge of Honor is a creation of Dale Taylor, a sixth-generation Texan. Dale spent his childhood reading and doodling and earned a BFA at the University of Texas, Arlington. He worked as a designer, cartoonist and web designer at various newspapers, and spent the past decade making toys and games for the pet industry. He’s now venturing into a new but similar realm with Forge of Honor. Dale lives outside of Denver with his wife and young daughter.

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